1. Parallax Panda

    Check: Which actors turn in battle?

    Is there a way to check which actors turn it currently is? I'd like to call an event to change the actor portrait to one that is slightly pushed up (The default portrait is slightly smaller than the required size, leaving some transparent pixels to allow for this at the top). Basically, I'm...
  2. How to check location of an event.

    I'm trying to put in a conditional branch that checks to see if an event has made it to a specific x,y coordinate, and when it does, I'd like to end the event. My other choice is to have it end when it hits a certain event. Both options I don't have answers too, any help would be greatly...
  3. RainbowGrenade

    Search Area

    Search Area I have no idea what else to call this plugin, so I hope that makes sense. This plugin will allow the user to search an area for specific values, i.e. events IDs, tile IDs, region IDs and terrain tags. Upon finding one of these values, a common event will be triggered. The...
  4. AdamSakuru

    How to check if a picture ID is currently in use?

    Is there a way you can check, through a script call, if a specific picture ID is drawn/if a picture ID exists? (Meaning that picture ID is currently displaying something and not 'nothing')
  5. Hyouryuu-Na

    Check if picture is present in position x,y [Solved]

    Exactly what the title says. Is there any way to check if a picture is present in position x,y in pixels? I looked around in the internet but didn't find anything like this. If anyone has any idea, or knows a plugin please let me know. Or you can make a plugin for me ^^; I can't pay you though...
  6. AdamSakuru

    Way to check total memory usage?

    Object.keys(ImageManager.cache._inner) So I'm aware you can put this into the log to show every image being cached. But is there a way to check the total memory usage?
  7. Lord Vectra

    Check a notebox

    I'm trying to learn how to check if something is in a notebox. I'm thinking of getting into scripting, and with some ideas I have for the future, I want to know how I can check the notebox for something like "<Bible>"
  8. ahnmori

    Is there a way to recognize the Gamepad?

    First of all, I apologize that I am not good at English. I found RPG VX Ace basically supports Gamepad. So I would like to display other help for players using Gamepad. Can you use conditional branching to confirm that the player uses the Gamepad? If possible, I would like to know how to do...
  9. Checking if an event has been erased through a script call.

    Hello so i'm making a game where you can fight enemies, and then after a certain amount of time they respawn. Now my friend and I (mostly him) wrote a ruby script that allowed us to have that event respawn, through an event call. But we need to only respawn the event if the event has been...
  10. Midnight Kitty

    Need Help adding variables + Checking minimum

    I have a small problem trying to add some variables together as it gives me the following error message. ◆Control Variables:#0009 d6_num1 = Random 1..6 ◆Control Variables:#0010 d6_num2 = Random 1..6 ◆Control Variables:#0011 d6_num3 = Random 1..6 ◆Control Variables:#0012 d6_num4 = Random 1..6...
  11. rechronicle

    How to check/assign the event interaction?

    Hello, I want to make an interaction between player action and event in range. Description of the image: If sword equipped and you press R in a certain range to the event, it will slide the boulder to the right. If spear equipped and you press R in a certain range to the event, it will crush...
  12. rechronicle

    JS Condition check the Switch/Variable current value

    Hello, I am having trouble with SRD_HUD Maker. I have tried to go to script call list, but it seems different. This field (see attachment) requires a condition to fill in the blank. How to write "switch x is true/false" in JS? I might also need to check "variable x value = n". Having trouble...
  13. AdamSakuru

    Conditional Branch - Check if Ambush/Preemptive strike

    I have an event that runs at the start of every battle that switches between a "Command Phase" visual (chose actions) and a "Battle Phase" visual (actions are acted out). I want to skip the first part if the party was ambushed (as it would just go to the "Battle Phase" right off the bat.) I...
  14. masterlobo

    Call to check if player is in menu

    Hello! Is there a way to script check in a conditional branch whether the player is in menu? I know that you can check if player is in battle with: $gameParty.inBattle() Is there something similar but to check if the player is using the menu? Context: I have an item that calls a Common...
  15. AdamSakuru

    Multiple evaluation checks? (Yanfly Battle A.I Core)

    http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/19/yep-16-battle-a-i-core/ Is it possible to have multiple evaluations for a skill condition? And if so what's the correct way to do it? <AI Priority> Eval (State !== State 12) && (State !== State 13): 14, Highest ATK Eval ((user.hp <= user.mhp * 1) && (State !==...
  16. Kevin Eontrainer

    Check if Actor has Accessory/Head/Body Armor Equipped

    Hello guys! Quick question.... How do you put in the conditional branch script call if you want to check if Actor 'A' has a Body armor equipped? Same goes for Accessory and Headgear. To put it simply, I'd like to check if the armor slot (based on equip type) is empty or not. Something...
  17. Hisao Shou

    Download game's missing files

    I need a plugin or a method to make the game check if any files are missing when game is opened. If there is any missing file, it would begin to download it automaticaly. It's something like (or it is a) patcher. I think that this kind of plugin would make mobile developers life easier.
  18. Check whether a specific tile is a star marked

    As the title suggest, I need to check whether a tile, let's say at position x, y in tile coordinates on the current map, is marked by a star. Of course, I want to check this through scripting and not eventing.  For example are tree crowns in VXA marked by a star by default. I attached a...
  19. How can I check the element of skill?

    When I need to add codition whether skill's element is physical or magical in yanfly's buff & state control, I could use this.isPhysical() or this.isMagical(). But I don't know about element. I tried to search information about this topic but there's no method. How can I check elementID...
  20. Rink27

    Check Current Skill Being Used (Help)

    Is there a way to access the current skill that's being used? I'm wondering if there is an eval or JS code to check, but I'm not too familiar with those. I have been trying   if (this.Skill().damage.elementId === physical) Which was an attempt to check the current skill's element...

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