1. Level 1 Quintillion Sourcesoulroar Joins In

    Greetings, gamers and game makers, my name is Zanckst, and I'm an aspiring game developer, songwriter and songcomposer, singer, guitarist, chef and martial artist. I'm content to be here, and glad to be making your acquaintance. I'm not exactly new to RPG Maker, but I'm still learning the ropes...
  2. stoppableforce

    [MV] Generator parts for a chef

    Resource Type: Generator parts Maker Format: MV Art Style: If they look good with the RTP, that's good enough for me. Description: I'm looking for Accessory 2 and Clothing parts for a chef character - a chef hat and some kind of outfit that looks somewhat like one in the reference images...
  3. Tea's Jams

    My mediocre resources

    Updated 18Oct2017 (wow a long time since the last update!) Just a few odds and ends I made for my game that I would like to share. I will update the OP as I add more. Credit: Material Source(s) if required by Terms their of use, no need to credit me but if you do use Tea. Non-Commercial: Free...
  4. HalcyonDaze

    MV Generator Chef Outfit

    Looking for a chef's hat/frock parts for the generator, TV and SV. The walking sprite parts could be edited from one of the RTP characters, not sure if they could be re-sized somehow for SV. Thanks!
  5. LinkChef

    *Tips Hat* Hello everyone!

    EDIT:  Whoops... It seems I had a brain-fart, and I've introduced myself already.  Please excuse me, finals are rough on the brain.
  6. Cjdgame

    Chef portrait?

    So I'm looking for some sort of chef portrait for my shop. Does anyone have one or know of one? Right now I'm using the chef in this face set.
  7. Kes

    Chef and barbeque needed

    Has anyone seen a sprite for a chef? I am also looking for something that could be used for a barbecue Thanks for any info

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