1. scatter items hidden or not?

    you will encounter 'there is a chest over there', inside have some items/weapons/etc. but the thing is... out of place if I should say. like for the example: -there is a chest in the middle of the road. example: in an abandoned place, middle of the forest, etc. who leaves stuff here? (unless...
  2. Pheonix KageDesu

    Extended Loot - make looting and treasure hunt visually better

    Extended Loot 1.2 Pheonix KageDesu Features Loot Lists - loot is now in the form of a convenient list. It can be seen that you have found. You can take only what you need. Pick up Pop Up's Visual Item's drop - items jump out from chest to gound, you can collect them or leave Items rarity...
  3. ovate

    Blarumyrran - Treasure crates/ chests (gold & gems)

    I'm sharing Blarumyrran's treasure crates here that I formatted for VX Ace. I edited gold & gems fillings into the crates and minor chest lock removal. Features - Variation of wood and metal crates - Gold and gems fillings - Chests with and without lock Credit: Blarumyrran License- Public...
  4. Mercedes90

    Blinking Treasure Event?

    Firstly, creating a Treasure Event is simple as one press of a button. But I've been struggling with something kinda tricky for me - I want to make a Treasure Event that blinks, and stops when the player interacts with it (A "Self-Switch A" obviously). I've tried a parallel process, but as...
  5. SoftCloud

    SoftCloud Workstations +

    Workstations Contained herein are some workshop elements I've created. These work nicely with a crafting system or even a basic eventing system to create just a couple of items. Terms and Conditions are outlined with each instance. Further additions may be made. Blacksmith Table: This was...
  6. totalwarANGEL

    RMMZ Random Treasures (Version 1.0)

    Hello there! :ehappy: After lurking around here, I've decided to post something. I am working on a game for quit some time and maybe never finish it *lol*. While developing I wrote some plugins for myself. This one here is the first I thought maybe someone else could need that. I searched the...
  7. StartTsu_

    [MV/MZ] I'm looking for Mimics sprites

    A chest with a creature stuck to it maybe with tentacles and teeth some have an eye in the middle
  8. ovate

    Alternate Mimic

    With this set you will get mimic of 12 variations with opened and closed. enemies folder are closed and sv_enemies are opened. enemies dimensions are similar to the size of original mimic. pictures are in original resolution [500x500] that contains both versions. Preview Event sample is...
  9. ovate

    Metallic Chests, Coins and Medals by SalonTigro Drake

    I'm reposting with permission from SalonTigro Drake. Preview By- SalonTigro Drake Images are formatted to match with chest layout. Ex- !STG_Chest_Metallic_Gold_1 !STG_Coin, !STG_Medal Zip includes: 4 types of chests, 1 coin and 1 medal | 6 images total License- Attribution 4.0...
  10. Advice Needed Concerning Chests

    I would like some advice on how to go about making a chest with treasure that cannot be opened from certain directions because it is up on a cliff. I have highlighted the spot I'd like to put the chest:
  11. Kanissey

    Animating a "soul/person" getting sucked into a chest

    Hey guys, ahmm its kinda hard to explain but here we go. I have a person standing inside a circle, and there is a chest on the right side of him and someone casts a spell and the circle gets brighter. Then i want him to get sort of sucked into the chest or any other kind of animation that is...
  12. ovate

    Random Treasure

    Random Treasure - 2018/08/03 (Ver.1.0) Creator name: kido0617 Overview Get randomize items as an event. Installation Paste this script above Main. Set-up After installing this script, use "Random_Treasure::reset" script call in an event. Items are registered in the shop process after this...
  13. DiegoAngelGamer

    New Chest Sprites

    Hi :kaohi:, do you know where I can find some chest sprites??? (or related to chests, like a coin purse or a wallet) I've been searching for them and I just couldn't find anything that I like. If this post lacks some information, simply tell me in the comments and I will add it. Thanks in...
  14. ovate

    XP Chests reformatted (front/back, left/right)

    I reformatted XP Chest for compatibility with VX Ace. Despite the alternate style, direction of facing left/right are available. Preview- Front/Back Left/Right Mimic Terms of Use If you own a copy of RPG Maker XP- you can use them for RPG Maker projects. Free to use in...
  15. atoms

    Purchased RPG Maker VX to not be "a pirate" in "that way" anymore.

    Hey, I don't know where to post this or what to say, but I wanted you to know years ago when RPG Maker VX first came out, way before this site existed, I did "pirate" it since I didn't earn any money at the time. But I now realized I can purchase it instead. Since I still use it sometimes, I...
  16. Keegan

    2x1 Event

    I want to make a treasure chest, but the size is 2x1 tiles, so the chest is wider than the RTP chest. I know that in editor, 2x1 graphic tiles will appear as one tile, but in game, the size will follow the size of the graphics (which is 2x1). I run it and the graphic looks good in the game...
  17. Lyvz

    Chest event conflicting with neighboring event!

    Hey, I have an invisible jumping event with priority below characters, trigger with action button conditioned to when the player is facing left. Now from this same tile I would like to access my chest event 1 tile down that has same priority with characters and also triggers with the action...
  18. Kes

    Upward opening chests

    I have any number of chests which open in the normal way (downwards looking) and sideways opening chests, but I cannot find any which open upwards.  By that I mean that if you are standing above it and interact, it will open towards you, rather than the usual way. Does anyone know of any...
  19. How to make chests NOT disapear after items being taken from them

    I'm making a game where my character is going to go over to a chest and take the items from them, but I don't want the chest to disappear after my character takes the items from the chest. Does anyone know how to do this? Thnx in advance! :D
  20. Gabrelik

    Vine Covered Chest - Edit

    Hello,  I wanted a chest covered in vines for my project, so I've created this edit of the Chest png. Hope it works as well for you as it does for me! :) As these are default resources, must have an MV license and all credit to Kadokawa.  

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