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  1. GrandmaDeb

    Bigger and Better - Granny's Modern Tiles & Sprites for MV

    Okay, I'll jump in. Working on MV Modern Exterior Tileset/Sprites for the 48x48 format. * added rooftop/side entrance RTP edits and custom windows * added horseback sprite * child clothing generator parts * added child female short sleeve dress * added child sprite base and child...

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Haven't been on here actively in awhile, project is going strong my biggest issue is the STORY, i'm refining the plot and learning so much i decided to take a writers class to improve even more but the programming and functionality of the game is stepping up nicely!
Hi everyone! Here's what I'm working on today! It's one of the dorms on campus. I know I said I wouldn't use assets but I reused a few things from the cafeteria hehe.
I added a little squish effect when characters change direction to try and make things a bit more lively. Though it's a bit hard to see on the fast moving guys.
I just discovered this game exists; the premise itself is ****ing hilarious.
Can't wait for next update! :)

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