childhood fear

  1. Macbeth

    The Last Summer

    Update 08/07/2017 DOWNLOAD LINKS: - Gamejolt - ~~ THE STORY ~~ Year 199X: Timothy is a young 10-years old boy very passionate about videogames and living his last days of childhood...
  2. Canini

    Share your childhood fears

    In this thread we share childhood fears, compare boogeymen and things from movies and other stuff that hid in our cupboard or under our beds!  I was terrified of the scissorman/the tailor from Struwwelpeter, who cuts of the fingers of thumb-sucking children when I was a kid. He arrives...

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Peeps, can we just take some time to appreciate the mods here? They're so friendly, and they're always there for us when we need help. Now that I've been here for two years, I want to thank the mods and admins for keeping it positive here on the forum. They're the reason I've stayed so long! Here's to you!
If it gets 6 degrees hotter we've reach 100
I am finally done making the 'superbosses' in my game!
I'm happy because oh my gosh they were a lot of work, but I'm also sad because I love database work... And also because I loved making stupid powerful bosses ._.
Question for anyone who reads Slip into Ruby or Jump into Javascript: do I sometimes get too "explainy" with the methods/functions? Would it be more useful if I stuck to explaining what the code is doing rather than also delving into minutiae of the technical side of it?

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