1. Dalph

    Which movie or cartoon character(s) properly scared you as a kid?

    Feel free to share your childhood trauma inducing movie/cartoon characters, I'm sure everyone had at least a few of these. As a kid I used to secretly watch stuff I shouldn't have watched, and the results were countless sleepless nights, many of my characters aren't even from proper horror...
  2. Robablo_Comics

    Summer Knights ~ A game making fun of childhood nostalgia

    ================================================================================================================ Summer Knights v.1.0 (Made on RPG Maker VX Ace)...
  3. KrimsonKatt

    Does anyone remember the Leapster?

    If you don't know what a "Leapster" is well I can't blame you. It was an Edutainment handheld gaming console with 81 different games, usually based on a popular kid's TV show or movie. Most of the "games" were terrible mini-game collections like "Pixar's Up for Leapster" and "Pixar's Incredibles...
  4. Macbeth

    The Last Summer

    Update 08/07/2017 DOWNLOAD LINKS: - Gamejolt - ~~ THE STORY ~~ Year 199X: Timothy is a young 10-years old boy very passionate about videogames and living his last days of childhood...
  5. Dalph

    Toys. What were your favourite ones as a child?

    For child I obviously mean Gradeschooler, so between 5-12y old, older than that would be a teenager and so it doesn't count. I used to like waterguns, puzzles, robots that can transform into vehicles or simple trucks\small cars but my absolute favourite were the...: I played with these till...

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