1. Isabella Ava

    How to fill a window with color?

    Hi everyone, I have add an custom window on map, i wonder how to fill it with a solid color and hide the window skin? (so only a colored rectangle are showing instead of a window filled with color) =D thank you very much
  2. KanaX

    Pixi.js - Get Values of Container, Without Inheriting Z

    I'm fairly new to pixi.js and programming altogether. I am making a plugin that parses the xml save file of a sprite animation program and recreates the result in a game engine. The animation program uses bones for skeletal animations and the images (sprite parts) inherit the x, y, angle...
  3. Jonforum

    Best method to search a children id? very fast ?[SOLVED]

    Hi What would be the most effective way, for find a child or (sprite) in the _pictureContainer ? SceneManager._scene._spriteset._pictureContainer.children The problem is that I have a lot of picture and their CHILD id are messy.! I use the filter() method, but it is very heavy in resource...
  4. NyanLelo

    Child Sprites

    I am looking for children sprites and faces for RPGMV just so they can walk around and give simple texts. RPGMV only gives 2 as a sample and I was hoping if someone could get others. The art style can be exactly like the one for the default samples in rpg maker mv. As for the time period, not...
  5. DangDut

    Children Games within Steam

    Using RPG MV, I able to make some games that Google Play Store have. It's not ordinary RPG MV games so you can image it as typical Android games but build using RPG MV. I have make some prototypes of those games, but since no proper credits made I will still hide it. The question is, does...
  6. wrigty12

    Drawing pictures to represent TP values - Causing LAg

    I have this plugin to display a picture that represents the actor's current TP. For instance, every 10 TP the player has, 1 "dot" is drawn, up to 8 dots (80TP). However, after 1 turn in battle, it begins to lag at an exponential rate. I am guessing that it is because of the rate the game is...
  7. ExpAmethyst

    Request for Child Sprite (VX Ace)

    Hello, I'm requesting a sprite set (default RTP style) that is the child version of this sprite: Also included is her (adult) face as a better reference for what she looks like  :) If someone does take on this request, my only requirement is that her hair needs to be silver, not blonde. (I...
  8. Geekbydesign

    This is so exciting

    Hi everybody... I've been eyeing up RPG maker on Steam for awhile, but couldn't resist when it came up for an awesome deal on Humble Bundle.  I don't regret it!  The creativity aspect, conjoined with the coding aspect makes this game amazingly interesting and tons of fun. I'm hoping to create...

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