1. RPG Maker 2003 Tile Issues

    Im having some issues using tiles in my game where all of the tiles i made dont even place, if someone could help me fix this issue that would be awsome
  2. Chipset not working in 2003

    I made a custom chipset for RPG maker 2003, but when I go to put bottom layer sprites it appears semi transparent in the viewport and then doesn't show up in testing, only appearing as a black box that covers the player. Top layer works just fine, any fixes??
  3. My editor turns like transparent pink :((

    This happened me when I put a custom chipset, and I don't know how to solve it. Please I need help </3
  4. How do I import ChipSets into the game without an error message?

    By the way, the software that I'm currently using is Asprite.
  5. MrMadMothy

    RM2K3 ChipSets

    So, i've been wanting to expand my game and not use the ChipSets that came along with the engine itself but I don't want to be using any that are provided from actual game rips, so if anyone could point me to some free to use ChipSets that is on the forums here, or an alternate link, I would be...
  6. Versus

    Tilesets that don't follow the same style as the MV RTP

    I personally hate the style of the new RTP. It just doesn't look good when used for tile mapping Has anyone made some tilesets that don't follow the style of the MV RTP? Or has anyone converted some old graphics to MV? I was going to convert First Seed Material or really anything that isn't...
  7. Parallax Panda

    Regarding those FSM Ship Tiles...

    So, I'm not sure if this topic is supposed to be here but since I'm referring to the ship tiles made by REF MAP for RM2K3, I couldn't think of a better place. The tile sheets for RM2K3 are extremely messy to begin with, like a jigsaw puzzle, and these ship tiles are no exception. For reference...
  8. Problem with Transparency in RPM2k3

    I've got RPG Maker two days ago and probably this is due inexperience, but I've looked for tutorials and still can't solve this issue. (The chipset is pretty basic because I've just wanted to practice) I've tried to set the fuchsia color as transparency and put it in the square the Help...
  9. Alinesete

    Black tileset 2k

    I'm having a problem with my custom tilesets. Both .png and .xyz chipsets load black in the database, this problem only happen with the chipsets I made, the imported loads normally.
  10. LightDiviner

    Error with Chipset in 2K3

    I'm using a custom World Map Chipset, but I've noticed a big problem with it. See, it has a shallow water, and deep water tile. But...when you but them side by side: Yeah...as you can tell this is NOT meant to happen...if anyone could edit the set so it works, I'd be most grateful.
  11. LightDiviner

    Snow Village Chipset

    I'm looking for a Chipset for a snowy village I can use for RPG Maker 2003.
  12. alcaporzel

    XP / 2003 Ressources in Maker MV

    Hello friends, many many years ago, i created some games with RPG Maker 2000/2003. Now I got a license for using the neweset maker MV and i am really happy with that. As I need some more practise I have a question. Is it possible to use Char/Chipsets like we used in maker 2003/xp. I...
  13. Farkas Ürdüng

    Chipset composition

    This is a tutorial on how the chipset/tileset/tile set (however you want to call it) graphic works. General: Each tile is 16*16 pixels. You have to choose a color which will be treated as the transparent color if your image editor can't use the transparent color (usually represented by...

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