1. Quoteman

    FREE I need a Composer!!!

    I'm Making my first Passion Project in RPG maker 2K3,its called "Guilt Trip" its a /visual novel/RPG its based off "Ace Attorney"and "Chrono Trigger". The game is about a 19 year old teenager named Henry Drago and his career as a attorney, and his lovely secretary Helen Law,here are some...
  2. TheMuweeCollective

    69 Game Over Jingles (Free)

    Here are 69 Game Over Jingles to use, for free, in your projects. You can listen and download them here All tracks have been made while the Music Weeklies Challenge when a Game Over Jingle...
  3. ChristovixGames

    Retro Style - Chiptune Music For Your Projects

    Greetings everyone! Do you need music for your project? I have a Bandcamp that has a number of free songs if you're looking for some fun chiptunes. I really want to work with some teams on some jams. So if you're doing a jam and need some music, depending...
  4. Lantiz


    Sinopsis Dragonward is a retro-inspired arcade game with focus on resource management. Made with RPG Maker MV, featuring a simple yet beautiful 4 colors pixel art and remarcable chiptune music. You're a newbie traveler on the road to the dragon's nest. Your objective is to slay the dragon, save...
  5. Nerdboy

    New! Just Released Creative Commons Chiptunes Album

  6. Seacliff

    RM2k/3 Phantom.Negative

    Phantom.Negative is a retro styled game inspired by older NES RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest/Warrior. The game takes many visual and system design choices based on these older games (except random encounters, screw those) and tries to emulate them while running on the very limited...
  7. meraxes

    Whats the best way to create that "16-bit" style music for a JRPG?

    Hey, I'm interested in composing original music for my RPG Maker game, and though I have plenty music samples and VST tools to compose with, my concern is that they all sound too "real" to fit in with a 2D-graphics JRPG game. Can soft-synths do this? I'm looking to dial-in a 16-bit retro sound...
  8. YM2612 Music Pack

    Hey people. So i've got these 17 music tracks done that I haven't really done anything with so I figured i'd release them as a free resource for people. You're getting a bit of content here, including 3 seperate battle (Regular, Boss, and Final Boss) that are all done with the YM2612 chip. So...

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