choice list

  1. Eliaquim


    Author Eliaquim You need Eli's_Book.js in order to use this plugin. Introduction By default, the choice window can only be in three positions: Left | Center | Right. But what if you wanted to give her a more dynamic position? With this plugin, you can choose the position of the window using two...
  2. nathanlink169

    Centering Choice Text

    Hi all, The goal that I'm looking to achieve is to center the text inside of the choice menu. I know that you can center the choice menu itself (and I have), but I'm more looking to center the choices themselves. The reason why is because I have extended the minimum window width. On line 1415...
  3. DaedraTalos

    Unlimited common event choices.

    Hey everyone! Here's a new tiny plugin I made (thx to SRDude for the idea!) that lets you show tons of choices that will, when chosen, run common events! It's easy to use, and has an endless amount of possibilities. All you have to do is: Fill in the "choice" list with as much choices as you...
  4. Aryam777

    Game Message and Choice dynamic text code Tutorial

    Messages and Choices via Scripts and Dynamic Text Codes It has been very difficult to find an answer for this, as well as to find a cohesive explanation of choice scripting. Google searching and copy pasting always makes the console to dump an exception on you... While trying to overcome the...
  5. Power Master

    How to get the options menu in a different position on screen

    I adjusted the Options List script in VX Ace so it would appear in the middle of the screen rather than the right by combining the Title Screen Choices (which appear in the center of the screen) with the standard choices. I did this so it wouldn't conflict with the Yanfly "Improved Messages"...

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