choice options

  1. S.Court

    MOG Battle HUD and Modern Algebra Choice options trouble

    Hi, I'm using MOG Battle HUD (13-Lightning folder) and Modern Algebra Choice options scripts and apparently the second one overwrites something about Help Battle Window because under normal conditions, the Layout_Help window shows behind the help text, but with both scripts together, this...
  2. DaedraTalos

    Unlimited common event choices.

    Hey everyone! Here's a new tiny plugin I made (thx to SRDude for the idea!) that lets you show tons of choices that will, when chosen, run common events! It's easy to use, and has an endless amount of possibilities. All you have to do is: Fill in the "choice" list with as much choices as you...
  3. Chocodile

    Excluding characters from choice window size calculation?

    Hey all, I'd like to use Ace Message System's color effect to highlight certain quest-related options in a Choice menu. The problem is that the code for the color effect inflates the size of the Choice window by about 10 characters, as RPG Maker counts the number of characters before the text...
  4. Sinweaver

    [Tutorial] 姫Hime’s Choice Options

    Tired of creating what seems like a never-ending list of conditional branches whenever you want to hide an option that you do not want an NPC to show? Not only that things can get complicated quickly, you are increasing the risk of making mistakes that you may or may not realize. Well, now you...
  5. Laptopdancer

    ATS Choice Options Questions

    I am using the full ATS suite. (Choice Options, Face Options, Message Options, Formatting, and Special Message Codes) My problems are as follows: 1) I don't understand how to make the choices window to show BELOW the Face and Message window. Is that not a possibility? I guess it would push the...

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