1. Magenta-Fantasies

    Choose One: Which method would YOU use to open the door?

    Watch the short video and comment on which of the three choices you'd make! :LZSsmile: Hopefully it makes enough sense without any other context or knowledge of my game. I'll post a video with the outcome of the most popular choice to my social media! (I wasn't sure which forum to post this...
  2. Help with choice scripting

    I wanted to make a very simple script (im learning javascript, i already know java and c but im having a hard time with this) I made a simple plugin that only has this function: function showTexts(){ $gameMessage.add("choose"); $gameMessage.setChoices(['Yes', 'No'],0,-1)...
  3. Akariu

    Choose a font for a specific plugin

    Hi! So I would like to ask if it is possible to add a specific line to an existing plugin, that determines which font I want to use for it. something like "choose.font = "sans-serif"....I don't know what it woild be like because I'm not a programmer my self^^ Or to make an easy plugin...
  4. Oracle-Raven

    "Choose an item pack" menu

    Greetings, I am looking for a plugin that would help me bring up a menu with the Script or Plugin Command from an event. The menu should allow the player to choose one of several item packs. The menu should have a help window at the top (two or three rows), and the rest of the screen is...
  5. byronclaude

    15 Minutes in a Fantasy World...

    Dare to dream for just a moment...    ...if you could transport yourself into the world of any game, and from within that world, you were able to look upon its beauty in real world dimension (it would appear real) - for 15 minutes...  where would you go, and why? I would go to the Zora's lair...
  6. bikourbow

    A character customization system in IG Maker

    Alright, Sooo.. I've been tinkering aeay at this and I thought it was time I showed you guys some things I've discovered to be possible in IG maker. As I've shown in the screenshots, this system allows for someone to choose which features their character will have, then play a zelda like IG...
  7. Two start player: How to use the unchosen one in game?

    Hello again, I'm here with a new question and hope for help. I try to make a Pokemon hack (with Pokemon Essentials) and my current problem is as follows: I've created new sprites for the 2 players (Boy and Girl) you can choose at the beginning. And of course I want the other unchosen character...
  8. Choose only one of three items?

    Hello! I'm a total newbie at this, but I've been able to figure most things out. The thing I'm really stuck with is an event where the player must choose item A, B, or C and only one. Example: The player picks item A. When they approach item B, I want it to say "You already have A. I cannot...

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