1. devilwon000

    devilwon000's art

    Hello, I am not good at English. Please understand that I use a translator. I upload the dot I took and my image. My Twitter account is:
  2. Negi-Mox

    Need to get maked a chracter of this image!!

    Hey everyone,I just changed my profile pic.So as I posted this thread by the title you can guess what I need here is the image: I could have maded I chracter by myself but I know nothing about chracter making.And yes I need the chracter Vx Ace But you can make it for Xp then i will convert it!!

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For those with up to 9 elements of magic; how do you structure your database. By element? Or by what is offensive vs supportive spells?
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I guess I have no idea how to properly upload a custom font lmao. The menu fonts are too damn small.

Dev be like: "I'll make the character goes amnesia so I could explain the world and the lore better and immersive to the players"

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