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  1. Ancient_Eagle

    RMMV Chrono ABS problem

    I have problem that when I open item menu, it shows antidote is 0, but when I go to menu and select "Item" , I can see that I have 3 antidote. What's the problem? I put it correctly
  2. DaRealSonGoku

    RMMV Making Kamehameha as a skill in RPG MV using Chrono Engine ABS

    I'm currently making this game - and I would like some help with something. I want to create a skill using Chrono Engine ABS in RPG MV. It is the famous Kamehameha wave from the Dragon Ball Series that...
  3. Somnus

    RMMV MOG Chrono Engine ABS Shield CT Drain

    Need help with MOGS Chrono engine ABS Shield. I'm nearly finished with my game is this is my last hurdle I need to figure out. The shield is the one tool giving me trouble. I need it to either drain CT while the action button for it is being held, or for CT to drain when an enemy hits you. I'm...
  4. Somnus

    MC Main Menu Common Events

    Can Common events be ticked within the main menu of MV or do you absolutely have to use plugins? EX. Opening the main menu ticks a Common event that stops BGM and closing it ticks one that plays BGM?
  5. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Question about Chrono Engine's use of enemy attacks

    In my game, Muse Genkaroku, I am expecting for a kind of ABS battle which involves bullet-hell-styled dodging akin to games in the Touhou Project series. But in several videos that demonstrates how the Chrono Engine works, enemies just directly attack the player when their turn comes without...
  6. RMMV Chrono Engine ABS HUD skill slots

    Hi everybody, it's my first time posting in the forum I want to create an ABS game, so I am using the Chrono Engine plugin but I have a very big doubt, is it possible to make the HUD have 8 or more slots for skills? Because it's very annoying (and useless for my future game) to only have 1...
  7. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Where can I find the Cross Engine (Chrono + Pixel Movement)? And does it work the same as the vanilla Chrono Engine?

    I've found the post for Cross Engine quite a while ago, but now I lost track of it. Can any of you give the original post of the Cross Engine? And one question: Is the Cross Engine compatible with resources for the vanilla Chrono Engine, and do the tutorials for the vanilla Chrono Engine works...
  8. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Chrono Engine Setup 101 for Beginners please! I am having troubles in setting up the plugins for it!

    Recently I have got the Chrono Engine pack from Moghunter, and that's a HECK LOAD of plugins for just an ABS!!:hsrs: One problem remains for me: How the heck can I set up the Chrono battle system? I'm having troubles in setting it up, since it keep throwing errors if I keep the plugins / images...
  9. arcanaXI

    RMMV MOG_ChronoEngine: Adding a new battle mode

    I've been looking through the code but I can't figure out how it handles switching between its two battle modes and the code that sets each mode up. If possible I'd also like to check for another script to have it handle the battle mode code as it already has the system I want to implement. Can...
  10. RMMV TypeError Chrono Engine Help

    I am having a problem where whenever my character is damaged by a Bat enemy, an undefined type error occurs. If anyone has any ideas for a solution please let me know. It video demonstrating problem & console screenshot attached
  11. FiercestPixel

    RMMZ Fossilized Chrono ABS

    FossilMZ + Chrono Enigine (ABS mode) Copied everything related to the database, events, and comments from a fresh MV project over to a new MZ project. When enemies attack the player an animation plays and the player loses hp just like in MV. When I press the attack key with an equipped weapon I...
  12. Use item instead of actor stats

    im not really sure how to describe my problem so i put a video but basically i want it to just say "Use Item" instead of like showing my knight, and its level and xp when i dont use any of those functions. Also i have chrono engine so nothing that wouldnt be compatible with that.
  13. RMMV (Chrono Engine) make bushes drop hearts and gold like they do in Zelda Games

    I'm trying to make it where bushes drop either a heart or 1 gold or nothing but randomly like they do in Links Awakening. I've been playing around in the event editor trying to do this but i cant seem to find an option that allows for randomness, but maybe im missing something. Or there is maybe...
  14. RMMV Qmovement with Chrono Engine problem

    I tried to combine the 2 addons to make the move in 1 pixel in different directions and also the ABS system in my game. But the problem is that when Chrono Engine is turned on, I cannot interact with events. How to fix it?
  15. RMMV Chrono Engine Enemy Help

    Im sort of new to chrono engine with rpg maker and i was wondering how to make the enemies drop items but only once. Im trying to make a links awakening style dungeon, and is there any way to make an enemy that drops an item like a key if its the last of its kind in a room, but only once.
  16. FirelordMaria

    RMMV How to make tiles or events appear temporarily? (I'm using Chrono Engine)

    One of my bosses is a mad scientist who throws ''potions'' at you, and the liquid remains on the floor for a few seconds, right on the position the potion was thrown. If you touch the spilled chemicals, you will get damage and sometimes a poison state. I'm not sure how to make this. As told in...
  17. thesupernova

    RMMV Chrono Engine Unwinnable Battles

    Hi guys. I’m using moghunter’s Chrono engine and I want to make an event battle that the party has to lose and also has dialogue cues (like when the enemy gets hit by a certain skill, and also when the enemy’s HP is at a certain percentage). Does anyone know if this is possible with the vanilla...
  18. ZOA--DEV

    Moghunter Chrono ABS Engine - NPC that attacks enemies

    Hi, I've been trying to make an NPC ally that can attack enemies alongside the main player in my game. So far no luck, is there a way to make this work? I created a fight scene where I can battle a clone of the main actor and everything works fine attacks, skills, weapons etc. but can you turn...
  19. FirelordMaria

    RMMV Chrono engine enemy issue (ABS mode)

    I just did a battle test and apparently my enemies don't deal any damage (but the playable character does), the project is based off the Chrono engine demo and the enemy I used was the sample slime, so I didn't change anything. This is the move route. I already removed any move-route related...
  20. Kristina

    RMMV Hide Tool Hud in Chrono Engine

    Hi game makers! I'm using Moghunter's Chrono Engine plugin and I want to hide the tool huds on certain maps, but I can't seem to make it work. I've tried using tool_item_visible: false but doesn't work.

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