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  1. Quoteman

    FREE I need a Composer!!!

    I'm Making my first Passion Project in RPG maker 2K3,its called "Guilt Trip" its a /visual novel/RPG its based off "Ace Attorney"and "Chrono Trigger". The game is about a 19 year old teenager named Henry Drago and his career as a attorney, and his lovely secretary Helen Law,here are some...
  2. nekochan1594

    Character creator and chrono trigger plugins working together?

    Is it possible to use sumrndude character creator with the chrono trigger based battle system by mog hunter? I mean, chrono trigger plugin requires different character poses like dash and stuff. I was wondering could I use the whole character creator layout to be completely compatible with...
  3. Quanee

    QMovement + QMCollisionMap

    Hello there, I'm currently working on a game that would play out similiar to Chrono Trigger. I'm using plugins mentioned above - QMovement and QMCollisionMap. So far I haven't really stumbled across any issues besides my overworld design. The map I'm planning to use is way too big and heavy for...
  4. Bercikovsky

    Switch Party Member Problem

    Hello! So I have a problem. I would like make Switch Party Member System similar to Chrono Trigger. You know - I have four party members and few more members(collected durning game) waiting for me in a specific place, where I can change them one for one. I tried use 'HIME_PartyManager' and...
  5. lCHOKSl

    Help Urgent to take questions

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I am new to the RPG Maker engine. I recently bought the RPG MAKER MV and I have an excellent game idea to create but I have a lot of doubts and I would like to know if you would help me? my doubts are: 1-Where do I get good scripts to by in my game? 2-How do...
  6. sadsaxboy

    Side View or "Small Sprites" battle system

    Hello fellow makers! I've been looking for a simple "small sprites" battle system, like in Chrono Trigger games, where there are no amplified battlers, only the default sprites fighting on-screen. It doesn't need to be like a Map Turn System where the battle processing happens on map like the...
  7. vico

    Chrono Trigger battle system to RGSS1

    Hi! This is similar to what i was requested for MV, but this time for RMXP (seems like i will use this because i'm more familiar with). Basically, this is an ATB-based on-map battle system. A gameplay from this game follows for reference (40:03 for normal enemy; 57:19 for boss): I think...
  8. vico

    The Chrono Trigger System

    Hi! It's me again! This time i want to talk about some parts of this incredible JRPG by Square-Enix. If anyone have interest in make even one part only i would be forever thankful! PS.: This post is an "improved" version of the prior topics i've made. Due to the intrinsically nature of all...
  9. vico

    Chrono Trigger-like CMS

    Can someone port this RGSS script for MV? If possible, with chapters support. Link for demos (Windowskin version = uses the standard windowskin system to render the window borders; Picture version = render the menu windows using images): Trigger...
  10. ImmortalAmpharos

    Chrono Trigger Map Labels

    I'm currently looking for a plugin that will put some text on screen when going over a specific tile, like it works in Chrono Trigger. I only want it there when I'm on that tile, and I don't want to use the show text feature, because it would be unconventional for what I'm trying to do. The...
  11. vico

    Chrono Trigger Battle System + Plus

    Hi!   After searching in this forum and internet, i don't find anything similar for MV. So i came here to request: A map and turn-based battle system. In other words: a clone of the so called Active Time Battle, ver 2, a battle system based on the 1995 JRPG game Chrono Trigger.   I...
  12. What is your favorite character in Chrono Trigger?

    If you had to pick just one character, what character in Chrono Trigger would you pick as your favorite? My favorite character was Magus as he was unique being that he could use more than one elemental magic attack and had an interesting conflict with humanity and frog. I also like how Magus...
  13. That Bread

    Battle mode Selection

    So it has come to my attention that not everyone can handle a active or action battle system. So what if you could select what kind of battle Active Time Battle you wanted? What's the big difference? Active is one where the enemies do not wait for you to complete an action. While wait makes an...
  14. Looking For Tall SoM/CT Style Sprite Templates

    I've been scouring the internet the last couple days trying to find naked templates for Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger style characters. They really don't have to be like that, just in a similar style. I am making all custom graphics for my VX Ace game and I was going to use the VX style tall...
  15. sawworm

    RMVXA Shattered Hourglass - Over 30 hours of gameplay

    Hello there! Shattered Hourglass is a huge time travel RPG I'm working on since 2012, well at least time to time. It's inspired by many popular titles I grew up with such as Breath of Fire, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Suikoden and of course Chrono Trigger! SCREENSHOTS: CREDITS...
  16. Thanatos

    Battle System - Chrono Trigger

    Chrono Trigger Battle System - BASIC By Crixus All Images: tbs-rmvx/01.png tbs-rmvx/02.png tbs-rmvx/03.png tbs-rmvx/04.png tbs-rmvx/05.png tbs-rmvx/06.png Download: CBS-chrono_trigger_battle_system-rmvx Other versions: Rm2k: Tested Rm2k3: Tested RmXP: Tested RmVX: Tested + Download

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