1. RMMV circular moving

    I came across this game on a site niconico. https://game.nicovideo.jp/atsumaru/games/gm5678?link=blogparts If you play this game, you'll see the event moving in a perfect circle from 2-5 I wonder how you implement that. I'm using the same jump action plug-in as this game. There's no way we...
  2. Kanissey

    Animating a "soul/person" getting sucked into a chest

    Hey guys, ahmm its kinda hard to explain but here we go. I have a person standing inside a circle, and there is a chest on the right side of him and someone casts a spell and the circle gets brighter. Then i want him to get sort of sucked into the chest or any other kind of animation that is...
  3. MV Magic Circle Characters

    Hey there! I haven’t been able to find any small (or large) character sheets that have things such as magic circles? I know VX and Ace come with pentagrams (I’m looking to avoid those), but was wondering if anybody could quick make or find a simple magic circle/encantion circle that I could...
  4. Azurecyan

    event circling a player or another event

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to make an event circle around another event or player, such as an orb(s) circling around a player or another event. I'm sure it might be impossible to do, but it doesn't hurt to ask...Here's an example picture of what I mean: Don't mind the blue spiral...

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