1. Demi_Fiend

    Looking for a simple modern city tileset (VX Ace)

    Hi, I'm looking for a simplistic city tileset similar to this one from Shin Megami Tensei 1: I'll need several building types like the ones shown above. The different colors don't need to be included, so just plain white/grey ones will do. Thanks!
  2. RMMV "Macclunkey !!!!!!" *Gets shot*

    So , i had a epiphany a during quarentine and thought about creating this RPG/Fighting/School Simulator game where you play as a student in this futuristic school/city and you can switch characters and play as every other student living in the city. I've already thought about all the small...
  3. Diarist

    VXACE - Modern/Semi Futuristic City Tilesets?

    Resource Type: Tilesets Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP if possible. Description: So, for my game if I do wind up making it (thread here if you're interested/want more context), a majority of the story takes place in Castelia City from the Unova region. I'm not looking to create an...
  4. katsoncats

    Cat and Human Skin Color/Hair Style and Modern Clothing Request

    RPG Maker MV Hi! I'm working on a comic based RPG game where you spend the bulk of the game playing as a cat who murders people to please their owner (an avid true crime podcast listener). I'm building the characters around our cats, Charlie "Murder Baby" (Left, your smart and sassy cat who...
  5. POP Horror City

    Hi, I am writing to someone here who is informed about the POP package! Horror City character pack. I wanted to ask if this package is compatible with rpg maker mv and if in the package there were some kind of image related to the players (face, character, SV fighter). Thanks in advance
  6. Modern, Rural Tile set

    I'm planning a game with magical themes, but I want it to be set in a more modern era. I don't want si-fi, so nothing spacey. I would prefer it to be more rural with a more homely feel. Close neighborhoods and small parks and such. The walls and floors are simple enough with what I already have...
  7. Kato-A

    RMMV Rainbow city [DEMO INSIDE]

    FB PAGE ITCH PAGE Genre: Adventure, science fiction, mystery, suspense Story The seven colors of the rainbow live in a city governed by a being called White. But the colors are so different sometimes don't get along very well and is Blue (the most serene and rational color) that...
  8. TeaganRat

    Dirty City + Modern Clothes Sets

    Hello, I need to find a tile-set for a dirty dystopian city, and I'd also be grateful if someone could show me where I could find some Character Creator assets to make some modern citizen sprites. I use VX Ace. Thank you x
  9. ShinyRedUmbreon

    Need Modern Icons!!

    Hello, I made this thread. I almost first made it in script support, cause I usually have threads there. Anyways I want to know what good modern icons there are. When I mean modern icons, I mean the modern city icons. If the modern tile pack has modern icons, don't rip them. I'm sure...
  10. Lantiz

    The weird regard of procedural cities

    Hello guys and gals. As some may know (or not) I'm currently working on a roguelike game in MV. I want to ask about your thoughts regarding how to feature a "main town" (or city) for the game. Let me explain... I'm a person who grew up playng the Harvest Moon series, and one of the...
  11. JRibbons

    POP! Horror City Ambulance

    POP! Horror City Pack Ambulance Here is an ambulance I made for my game Ledge that uses VexedEnigma's POP! Horror City tileset. There's just one view so it's only useful as a static tile. If anyone would like to make different views for it, go ahead!  Terms of use: Free for commercial...
  12. AllyJamy

    Stardew valley building system with events/scripts?

    Hi. So I'm working on a city builder type of game. I'm wondering how I could make it so I could build houses/Buildings like it is done in Stardew valley. (With common events or scripts)   I'm wondering:  -How to make all the pixels in the event impassable (at the moment only the pixels...
  13. RavenBlackbird

    World Tiles

    These world tiles are free for use. They were made using RPG Maker resources but I mostly got some ideas from Nanokan's VX world Tiles. I may add more as time goes by. 1. Floating City 2. Desert Fortress (One of Sythian Bard's Fortress Tiles was used) 3. Basic Full City Capital
  14. City Roads and Buildings Tiles for MV

    Hello! I was wondering if anybody knew where I could find some City Roads and Buildings Tiles for MV for free. I would prefer if the tiles would be more realistic looking, but I don't really care. If somebody could tell me where to find a good city tileset for free (that includes roads) that...
  15. DamianCastaway

    {Finished} Blood Moon | Update 1.4 (Crash fix... Once again...)

    This is probably the dumbest yet most complicated entry in the Birthday Bash, lol. Story: You follow the adventures of a 200 year old Vampire named Keiran in a recent monster infested modern city! Can you find out whats going on before the world is flooded by monsters!? {Dev Note: I...
  16. Pop Horror City Question

    Hi there I'm very new to RPG maker so this could be somthing small that I am missing. If you look at the above image whenever I use the wall overlay (Hole/torn wallpaper) I get some black lines that dont look like they sould be there? As far as I know i imported the images correctly and I...
  17. Sephiron

    Cute and colorful suburbia resources!

    Like... Extremely colorful! Sort of abandoning this because it may as well be too colorful for my current needs, and the palette used is too restrictive. It's quite a complete outdoor/suburbia/forest/etc. Tileset, to be honest. I'm of course missing an interior tileset to accompany this one...
  18. Tornado Samurai

    [XP] Where to find city/village tutorials?

    I'm currently in a slow process of creating my game and I'm having some trouble creating large locations like cities and villages. Does anyone know of any good RMXP City/Village Tutorials around?   - Tornado Summoner
  19. Matseb2611

    Revisiting a Town

    This is something I got thinking about today and I am not sure if this topic has been done before, but here goes. When playing an RPG and you have to return to/revisit a town that you've been in already earlier in the game, how much of it do you prefer would change by the time you've revisited...
  20. FestivePotato

    3D World?

    Hello! While looking around on the Internet, I recently stumbled accross an image (see the bottom of the post). It amazed me and I wanted to know how it was created. I looked around Google for a half hour, but couldn't find anything. I was hoping somebody could tell me how this image was...

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