1. Clord

    Kingdom The Clans II - Why vampires, why?

    Big thanks to Seraphim Creations (and Lato) for aiding me with this project. It is a big undertaking after all. What it is? The story follows adventures of Okashi and her loyal brother Kishimura who are in fact playing a new game called “The Clans II” which game out in their city. They want to...
  2. Clord

    Kingdom - The Clans

    Disclaimer: All the custom graphics apart from the stock RTP and the character portraits are provided and made by Seraphim Creations. We own all the required rights to use them for the various game projects, commercial or not. Please note that every bust will be custom made to have a quality...

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DoubleXP wrote on Tonbi's profile.
Hello Wondering if you take commissions?
I should make an page one of these days...Maybe for my next large update.
whoops, forgot to get started with Advent posts! coming shortly!

Another demo of the dynamic cloud cover system, this time complete with the original soundtrack composition (which sounds even goofier at this 2x playback speed). Much left to tweak but I like it so far.
And now, some custom emotions to give the character life... :kaoslp:

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