class abilities

  1. Guardinthena

    Increase Party Experience

    Okay, I feel like this is a super simple solution that is staring me in the face and I just can't quite grasp it. Setup: I am making a scholar class and part of his class traits is he can give the party a boost to their experience gain. Something like the double item/gold party benefit. I...
  2. Guardinthena

    Druid vs Scholar

    So I recently read this thread: What does a Scholar Class do? And it got me researching blue mages and finally developing my scholar/monk I have. Ive been having lots of fum with it. But it got me thinking, if you have a scholar class in the game with blue mage powers, how do you make a druid...
  3. Puppet Knight

    RMMZ Add/Remove State on Actor Skill Use

    Good morning beauts! Another Day, Another hyper specific Plugin request! For my game I am building a Spellblade class type. One of the core features of this class will be: when they use certain Basic Magic Type Skills (Fire, Ice, Thunder) in battle they then gain the associated "Force"...
  4. BEP

    Asking for advice on making skills for a Lancer class character

    So, in my game I'm planning on having the main character being a Lancer who uses, well, lances on combat. He would play as a damage dealer/defensive support character, who acts as your main healer for the early game, since he starts with a basic heal spell. But the problem is, I'm... not really...
  5. KeenanAxolotl

    Multiple weapon/armour types per class?

    I am quite new to RPG Maker and I'm wondering if there is a way to get a specific class to be able to equip multiple weapon types. For example, if I have a class called "Fighter" and I have two weapon types called "Sword" and "Gun", is there a way to make a character with the Fighter class to be...
  6. cfghjbfcxdfghj

    Class skills Help!

    i am making class i need for class skills for class i want are hero is a warrior like class Mage is a black mage class Clergy is a white mage class Monk is fighter class Thief is stealing class Rosa Mage is a red mage class Gunner is defense class Geo mancer is buff class Samurai is class that...
  7. KrimsonKatt

    Skill Name Ideas?

    Okay so I just started a new project on my new Switch version of MV (which I got today) and I'm having trouble with coming up with skills. I have 12 classes in my game, which you can assign to any of your 6 party members in the beginning of the game. (Like in FF1) There are 4 magical classes and...
  8. quakerori

    an idea that I want to have in the game

    as I'm making a game with only three characters, I want to spice up the third character by giving it the power to switch forms from, attacking one enemy with heavy damage, and the other form dealing damage to everyone I feel like I've already figured it out, but I still don't exactly know how...
  9. Evertonest

    Bard Class - How to activate and deactivate skills?

    Hi! I have a Bard class, and I am having trouble implementing a game mechanic related to activating and deactivating certain skills during battle. The bard has two skill types: "VERSE" and "CHORUS". CHORUS skills are basically stronger versions of VERSE skills, but can only be used when a...
  10. LordNPC

    Character Personality Quiz

    I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to do a personality quiz for RPG Maker MV. To clarify, I'm looking for something similar to the older Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, where you'd take a quiz at the start of the game and it'd determine what Pokemon you would become. I'm looking for...
  11. ScientistWD

    Thinking about the Paradigm for Defensive Actors

    As I'm working on my game more and more, I'm trying to brainstorm to myself the different sorts of ways to implement a "defense based" character or class. I am not here to talk about "Healing". Healing is a completely different conversation. Today, I'm thinking about the different mechanics...
  12. Question on class based equipment rules

    A mechanic in the game i am working on is that certain classes can equip 2 handed weapons as if they were one handed weapons and therefore either dual wield or use a shield. My standard equipment slots right now are Dominant hand Offhand Head Body Accessory Accessory Jewelry Since i am using...
  13. Classes

    So i'm making a game with choices in the start of the game such as gender, name, and class, but when I do my play test and select my class such as Mage the player doesn't have any spells. Any help would be appreciative. 

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