class change core

  1. KaitlynKitty

    Request: Class Limit addon for Yanfly's Class Change Core

    I'm making a game using Class Change Core, and I want to set a limit for each of the classes except the basic "light infantry" class. This limit would be raised over the course of the game. If the player has the maximum allowed for that class, they should be unable to change more party members...
  2. Chroma-Creative-Solutions

    YEP Class Change Core + YEP Subclass - Maintain Skills When Switching Classes

    Long time lurker (since 2017), usually try to find my own solutions, but cannot for the life of me find a solution or work around for this issue. Currently I am using these plugins to create a class switching system for my game: YEP Class Change Core YEP Subclass YEP Skill Core YEP Skill Learn...
  3. The Real Sye

    YEP Class Change Core: Subclass - Set Subclass Level

    Hello! I've spent the last hour trying to find information on this, and either I'm looking in the wrong places, or I'm just blind. The question is simple: Is there a method to set a subclass level on a character in YEP's plugin? In this context, it would be for a character acquired later in...
  4. Class Switching Question.

    I really hope I am posting this in the right place. *nervous chuckle* :oops: I am currently using the Yanfly Class change core plugin linked below as well as the Yanfly Job points plugin. The game I...
  5. KrimsonKatt

    Class Levels Plugin?

    So in my game I want to have a system where you have many different classes, each having their own level. When you level up classes to a certain level, you unlock more, stronger classes. However, I'm using Yanfly's Class Change Core and it doesn't seem like there is an option where you can make...
  6. KrimsonKatt

    Sprite Sheet Index Help?

    Hello. Right now I'm using Yanfly's Class Change Core plugin for my class system, and I want each character's face image, battler, and walking sprite to change. I have already made the graphics and have them in the appropriate places. However, when using plugin tags in the database, it asks for...
  7. jordanblake

    trigger a common event after class change (YED class change core)

    Hello, im using YEP class change core and i had a idea to show a little picture event when you change class, and of course show the picture depending on the class change selection,i want to make a npc class change system,like you should do a quest before class change, and of course change the...
  8. Sir Swishy

    Yanfly's Class Core - One Actor Per Class?

    In short: I want to restrict my classes in such a way that only one Actor may belong to a certain class. In this sense, classes would behave a little bit like equipment in that they can only belong to one person at a time. E.g. If actor 1 is, say, a warrior, then actors 2, 3, and so on cannot...
  9. KingKraken

    Yanfly's Class Change Core + Yami Sideview Battler Enhancement.

    Hey guys, I'm back again with a hopefully easy question. I'm currently trying to use Yami's Sideview Battler Enhancement plugin, in order to have smoother frames and animations. However, the issue I've run into, is that the way you use it only works in the actors notetags. This is a problem...
  10. KingKraken

    "Yanfly's Class Change Core" one directional class tree?

    Basically the problem I'm having, is that Yanfly's core on it's own, allows actors to change classes to whatever they want. But what I'd want it to do, is lock an actor into a path among that tree. No going backwards, only forward and branch hopping. Here's a quick diagram of what I'm looking...
  11. raymi100

    Yanfly Class Change Core Problem

    Hiya! So, I have this problem with Yanfly's Class Change Core that when I put the proper notetag in the actor box for the player to have a class unlocked by default, it gives me the skills of that class on top of the skills of the current class, even though I haven't selected that class yet. ...

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