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  1. Chroma-Creative-Solutions

    YEP Class Change Core + YEP Subclass - Maintain Skills When Switching Classes

    Long time lurker (since 2017), usually try to find my own solutions, but cannot for the life of me find a solution or work around for this issue. Currently I am using these plugins to create a class switching system for my game: YEP Class Change Core YEP Subclass YEP Skill Core YEP Skill Learn...
  2. OpenTangent

    Changing class adds unwanted armour to inventory

    Whenever I change my player's class using Yanfly's [YEP_ClassChangeCore] system, the player gets two unwanted armour items (IDs 0001 and 0004) added to their inventory. I've checked all my event code thoroughly and checked my list of plugins but I cannot find what is adding those two items to...
  3. PrideOfTheForbidion

    Yanfly class change system

    Hi guys, looking for a some help, with the class change system, what i'm trying to do, is set a job branch, i don't want it possible to go back on the choices, unless the character reverts to a novice, issue im having is locking the job branch, so that you cant go back, you can only go...
  4. Valentina

    Temporary evolution (Class/Actor change) during battle

    Hello, I am making a game with a battle system similar to Digimon World 3 game for Sony PS1. Basically, the player starts with 3 monsters. When a monster reaches a certain level, it learns a new evolution - eg. I start with a lvl1 Renamon, when it reaches lvl5 it will learn an Evolution -...
  5. Troubles with Yanfly's Class system.

    Hello everyone! I am working on a free to play RPG and decided to use Yanfly's class system plugin. I have the option of adding the subclass skills, but they don't appear not even in menu which sucks. The plugin works as far as adding the subclass stats, but the skills are not added not even in...
  6. The_Black_Knight

    Class specific Job Points

    So, there's a functionality I would like when using and That is, to have each class have individual ammounts of Job Points, so that you need to play that class to unlock it's specific skills...
  7. JtheDuelist

    Fire Emblem-Style Class System Plugin?

    I am needing a plugin that enables a class change system like Fire Emblem's, where when you use a certain item on a character at a certain level which also resets said character to level 1, but also using a different item to turn them into their old class also resets the character to level 1...
  8. SilverShay

    Creating Class System (RPG MAKER VX ACE)

    First of all, thanks for taking some time reading my request. I recently started creating a game with RPG MAKER VX ACE. i like the style better then the new MV. I'm trying to create a class system where you first start at the first class (apprentice), at a certain lv you can choose out of 3...
  9. Muramasamune

    Using an item to open a menu?

    Hello, everyone! I'm currently developing a game inspired by some of the older Fire Emblem games, specifically Sacred Stones on the GBA, and like that game, I wanted to implement a class change system that has 2 specific requirements: 1) The character whose class is being changed has attained a...
  10. RMVNex

    Keep EXP upon changing classes?

    In the game I'm making, characters can be upgraded by level and by tier. Each tier is the same as the last one but with higher base stats, critical chance, and so on. However I have a big problem. When a character's class is changed (which means when I upgrade that character's tier) the...
  11. Blair Pendragon

    change class doesnt change traits

    I gave my class the regen trait, and when i switched to a new class, they still retained regen. so to combat this, i made them start as a different class, that doesnt have regen. Once they change to the class with the regen trait, the regen doesnt actually carry over. Thats when I realized none...
  12. jjleroy

    Class Change: Check if (sub)class is already unlocked

    Hi guys, I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I am using Yanflys Class Change Core to have my lead actor have multiple classes to choosefrom. Every class has its own level. If I set the variable to Script: $gameParty.leader().level, I get the level of the class which is currently...
  13. Kes

    Advice on V's Level Up Stats script

    I am using V's Level Up Stats script which can be found here. A certain number of spend points are allocated every time an actor levels up.  Everything is working as it should.  However, I hit a problem when an actor changes class. In order to keep the actor at the same level after the...
  14. LpLance

    Learning skills when switching classes?

    There is a point in my game where your characters will switch (or evolve) to a different class. For example: your mage becomes a sorceress after completing her story events, this grants her extra MP, a slightly higher M.atk stat, and is SUPPOSED to give her access to advanced skills through...
  15. billocity

    Question on Unlocking Jobs

    Hello! I'm new to MV but have used previous iterations of RPG maker; however, I'm a bit new to plugins. I'd like to use Yanfly's Class Change and Job Points system in the following way: -Only the main character can change classes -The rest of the cast of characters is very wide, with...
  16. Help with the Yanfly Class System

    Hi, I'm looking to use Yanfly's Class Change and Subclass plugins to make it so that my heroes all have their own section of sub-classes that the player can swap through. For example, one of my heroes was going to have 3 subclasses named "Tank", "Brawler", and "Reckless". And each of these...
  17. deathsia

    Final Fantasy X-2 Garment Grid system Request

    Okay, while I know it was very hard to pull off in VX Ace, I'm fairly certain its more than possible with MV. For those who are unaware of how this works or what the spere grid is, here's a couple videos: This one gives you the basic layout of how the garment grid works...
  18. Radamanthis Degrazia

    Class Unlock when Skill is learned

    Hi everyone, I'm new to rpg making and the forum and I've been busting my a** off trying to create a class system that allows me to unlock a certain class whenever an actor learns a skill/spell from his previous class. I'm using yanfly's class change core, subclass, skill core and skill learn...
  19. Amendment50

    Universal Class Changing Item

    So I'm looking to make an item that changes classes, but affects different actors in different ways, which is why I can't figure out how to event this. Basically, each actor will have 3 or 4 classes that they could potentially have- they start with one, but by using the item they could change...
  20. PKLpikachu

    Class change during battle?

    Hello! I know there's a similar topic about this but it doesn't bring up a couple issues that I'm having. I'm using a Skill that calls a Common Event. The Common Event uses the Change Class Event, but when I use it, the Actor's level goes down to one. Is there a way to retain the Actor's level...

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