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  1. Cyndi4U

    How to make equipment better for some classes or actors?

    Hi! I was wondering if there's a way that a piece of equipment could have an extra stat or parameter bonus if and only if it's equipped by a certain class or a certain actor, i.e. a sword that when equipped by a Knight Class gives +7 atk rather than the normal +5 atk it gives, or a piece of...
  2. Harosata

    DL: Class Armor

    Script: Class Armor Difficulty: Medium Short Version: Equipping Armor will change your Class. Version 1.1.0 -Change Class in the Event page will change your default class. -Adding or Removing a Skill in the Event page adds a skill that isn't affected by SKILLRESET. I made this for a...
  3. ThePotatoOfFire

    Preset Class Equipment/Save Class Equipment

    In my project, the player has two actors that can switch between multiple classes. I want the player to be able to switch classes mid-battle. I know this is just a common event away, but almost every class has a different equipment type, so the player would be left bare-handed after the change...

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