class levels

  1. KrimsonKatt

    Class Levels Plugin?

    So in my game I want to have a system where you have many different classes, each having their own level. When you level up classes to a certain level, you unlock more, stronger classes. However, I'm using Yanfly's Class Change Core and it doesn't seem like there is an option where you can make...
  2. Jachan

    Jobclass Level plugin? =O

    I have tried to look around for it, even blue-squrriel (sorry, kept forgot how to memorize your name, xP ) posted sticky thread for a master list. But no luck in end. No, I don't really mean to use ACTOR levels, I mean the CLASS itself... Such as Final Fantasy 3 (100%) and Dragon Quest 6 (90%...
  3. Trihan

    Script idea: should I do it?

    So on the basis of a conversation I had with someone on IRC, I am building an idea in my head of a class bonus script. Basically it would have various traits for classes that are unlocked at certain levels, and once unlocked can then be equipped/unequipped. Think FF5's job system, if you've...

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