1. Class-changing item?

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to make an item change a character's class? I can get it working via common events, but then I'd have to list every character there, including ones who aren't in the party yet. It would be much easier if I could use "Thief Scroll" or something in order to...
  2. Dwesper

    Bards: Are they really that useful?

    Here a hot take about bards. Have you ever come across a character that they are so much about music. You might don't like them. Not because they are bards of course, but because they have nothing except music to use in battle. What I mean is. Are they really that useful? Lets not forget...
  3. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Yanfly Class Change Core Add-On

    Hello! Would someone be able to help me out with creating a small add-on to Yanfly's Class Change Core? In particular, I'm looking to add an optional extra parameter to the actor notetags: <Class x Face: filename y> <Class x Character: filename y> <Class x Battler: filename> These are...
  4. Eliaquim

    Eli Class Promotions - The actor gains a stats bonus when he changes to a class for the first time!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction The default class change system of MZ/MV has too little customization. If you want a different thing, you have to event yourself. This plugin aims to make a class promotion feature, that when an actor change class, can receive some stats bonus. Features •...
  5. RMMV Skill "Message" does not display in battle

    Hello! I'm making a small game for my friend for his birthday. There'll be lots of in jokes for him to enjoy. Not using weapons, I've installed the "Weapons Unleash" plugin to allow skills to be assigned to classes/characters rather than weapons. However when I type in the "message" box for...
  6. My game heroes class system

    In my game, I tried to make the class more based on characters' gameplay rather than their social status in their lore or their art design. For example, a magician that attacks at a distance, an archer, a gunner, a beast whose main attack is w whip slash that allows him to attack from distance...
  7. Eliaquim

    Eli Enemy Class - They now have Levels, Exp, Equipments and Class!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Do you ever want to give your enemies more complexity? Or even have more control over them? That is your plugin! With this, you will be able to customize a lot of things! Can give classes to enemies, level, exp, and equipment! *It's compatible with...
  8. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Galv's Magic Shards Class Change Add-On [UPDATED]

    Hello! :kaohi: Would someone be able to help me create an add-on for Galv's Magic Shards plugin? EDIT: After a few months of not having much luck, I figured perhaps I'd have a bit more luck if I simplified things a bit. I can probably get the system mostly working through eventing, if someone...
  9. gsuk

    Classes with elemental damage mulitpliers

    Hi all! To keep it simple, my character can change classes during the game. I want it so that he is more powerful with different elements, depending on his class. So, if he is class1, he deals more fire damage, for example. In the "Features" list of the classes tab, there is "Elemental Rate"...
  10. Eliaquim

    Eli Class Curves - Build the status of your classes independent of the editor!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Balancing your game battles can be a difficult challenge! it is a fact that RPG Maker MV already makes some resources available in the class database. Although you have some ways to change the way your status increases when you level up, you still don't have...
  11. TheDrifter

    YEP_SkillLearnSystem - Bypass class select OR Display JP left in skill price

    Hi, I'm using YEP_SkillLearnSystem and YEP_JobPoints Here is the main issue: The amount of JP you have left for a class is not displayed in the price window for learning a skill of that class. For example, let's say your character's current main class is Thief, with 500 JP left, and you want...
  12. Evertonest

    Bard Class - How to activate and deactivate skills?

    Hi! I have a Bard class, and I am having trouble implementing a game mechanic related to activating and deactivating certain skills during battle. The bard has two skill types: "VERSE" and "CHORUS". CHORUS skills are basically stronger versions of VERSE skills, but can only be used when a...
  13. YEP Class Change Core + YEP Subclass - Maintain Skills When Switching Classes

    Long time lurker (since 2017), usually try to find my own solutions, but cannot for the life of me find a solution or work around for this issue. Currently I am using these plugins to create a class switching system for my game: YEP Class Change Core YEP Subclass YEP Skill Core YEP Skill Learn...
  14. Black Pagan

    Need ideas for Futuristic Classes

    The Game's setting takes place in the Future, When Humans have colonized other Planets and have reached the few Nearest Stars. A Spaceship accidentally crash lands on a mysterious Alien Planet with you (The Player). Your job is to head out, Fix the Spaceship by finding materials from the Alien...
  15. PrideOfTheForbidion

    jobs vs class's what do you think

    while this dose sort of contain to my own game, im not really locking it onto it as the fluff in my game calls for job development, though i am looking for thoughts on the matter as I may down play the jobs a little more So right now I'm working on a multi character game with a good few...
  16. LordNPC

    Character Personality Quiz

    I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to do a personality quiz for RPG Maker MV. To clarify, I'm looking for something similar to the older Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, where you'd take a quiz at the start of the game and it'd determine what Pokemon you would become. I'm looking for...
  17. ovate

    Job Change with Alternate Layout (Class Change)

    dsJobChange - ver1.11.5 Creator name: Douraku Overview Job change system Features - Use Note tags to set for Actors (levels) or Classes (graphics) - Possible to add job requirement based on conditions/ stat values - There's a plugin command to open the job change menu - Alternate layout with...
  18. MawMaw-P

    How to delete the level and class system from the game?

    Hey! This is one of the first threads I do at the forum, and I'm relatively new at RPGMMV, so excuse my noob-ish question. I wanted to start a project on MV that did not involve the class system nor level, and I haven't found the way to do so. When I try to delete classes (changing the...
  19. Persona Class Question

    While this does relate to my current RPG Maker Persona fangame I'm working on, I'm asking this here due to the subject matter. In Persona 3-5, what standard RPG character class does each character fit? Here's what I got so far: Makoto Yuki, Yu Narukami, Joker: The Hero, Obviously. Yukari...
  20. How Do I Implement Class-Exclusive Weapons (Not Weapon Types)?

    For example, let's say we have the "hero" class and the "swordmaster class" for my game; the hero can use every type of weapon present in the game but can't use every weapon from that type whereas the swordmaster can only use swords but can use every weapon under the sword category. Maybe the...

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