1. jbstuff

    Hiding specific classes in Yanfly Change Class Core

    I am using Yanfly's Class Change Core (link here) and Yanfly's Subclass addon (link here). Having looked around I haven't found many answers to this particular question, namely, how to hide a specific class (or classes from showing up under the class list in Yanfly's Class Plugins...
  2. Tevi

    Quick question on Dual Wielding.

    I have a small, quick question. Is there a way to limit weapons to specific weapon slots of Dual Wielding? E.G. Weapon One = Swords only for that specific character and Weapon Two = Guns only for that specific character? I know I've been posting a lot recently, I'm just bad at using RPG Maker-
  3. Installing Evgenij's Draw Animated Characters In Windows Script

    Hey everyone! I'm new to these forums, but I have been playing around with VX Ace for quite a bit. I'm having trouble installing this script however: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/draw-animated-characters-in-windows.35644/ The instructions in the code says to "include the...
  4. nakina

    How do I use the player's current class as a condition (Yanfly's auto passive states)

    To clarify a bit more, I'm using yanfly's auto passive states plugin and I want to add a custom requirement based on the player's current class. For example, I'm making a berserk state that triggers when you reach max tp but only when you are using the berserker class. This is the code I'm...
  5. loendebr

    Class-specific weapons

    Hello everyone. I have ran into a bit of a problem whilst developing my game. At the start of the game, the player can choose one out of three classes: knight, mage or paladin. knights should only be able to use weapons such as swords, mages should use staffs and paladins should be using axes...
  6. atoms

    Can Yanfly's Class Change Core Facesets work in cutscenes?

    I'm planning on using Yanfly's Class Change Core in one of my game projects so the party members can change classes with ease. Link here http://yanfly.moe/2015/11/27/yep-32-class-change-core/ The plugin gives you the ability to change an actor's faceset when they switch classes. I was...
  7. "Base stats" outside of class?

    Hello. I'm trying to create standalone stats for some of my characters. My game would have a set amount of classes (8 or so) along with many more playable characters than what's normal (think Fire Emblem: SD or Chrono Cross). What I am looking for is for each actor to have its own innate or...
  8. atoms

    Like in Octopath Traveler, Limit Classes and Subclasses with Yanfly scripts.

    Alright! For those who don't know what Octopath Traveler is, it's a game that game out fairly recently (July 13, 2018). I liked how it handled the subclasses and was wondering if I could get a similar affect in RPG Maker MV. You can read about the game here...
  9. oToToToToTo

    Change Class On Equip

    As the title suggests I'm looking for a way to change the actors class when they equip a weapon or item. As in: equip a sword to an actor: Class = Swordsman. It sounded really simple in theory, but I can't see any way to do it without eventing each actor + each class 30x.
  10. FAGC54

    [RMXVXACE] Help modifying Yanfly's Class System

    Hello! I need help if it's possible, to modify Yanfly's Class system (and its addons if necessary) to achieve the next thing: With Class System and the Class Unlock Levels add on, an actor can chage the class when the required level is met, but for my game i want to have more options in class...
  11. Senshu

    Change Class Mid Battle

    Hello folks, I just need help with a part of a character's mechanic that I just can't get by myself, any help at all is appreciated. I have a character that switches between a Physical and Magical fighting style, and in order for the character's stats to cater to that, I actually have the two...
  12. Inheriting stats when changing class?

    This is weird, but.... I wonder if I can do this.... When a class levels up, I want so that when the actor changes class, he gets his stats slightly higher than if he didn't level up in the class. Example: A warrior: HP:300 MP:20 STR:30 MAG:5 A warrior that leveled up as mage: HP:300 MP:24...
  13. KingKraken

    Cast/Chant animation based on class.

    Hey all! I'm wondering if it would be possible to have a plugin that can change a characters casting animation based on their class. The way my game works, is similar to the Persona series in the sense that you collect these spirits(tied to class) and summon them for specific attacks. My issue...
  14. Changing forms/class during battle.

    Hi everyone, straight to the point I want my main character to be able to activate an ability (only during battle) which allows them to change their form into another character (essentially change actor or change class). I was wondering how to do this, but also how to have the actor change back...
  15. S.Court

    Hiding level and showing class in menu

    Hello. I'd like to remove character's level in menu screan, and put instead of it the character class, does someone know how to implement that? Thanks
  16. SilverShay

    Creating Class System (RPG MAKER VX ACE)

    First of all, thanks for taking some time reading my request. I recently started creating a game with RPG MAKER VX ACE. i like the style better then the new MV. I'm trying to create a class system where you first start at the first class (apprentice), at a certain lv you can choose out of 3...
  17. boyflea

    How do I display skills for the players?

    Hi, in VX Ace, you can review SKILLS for each player in your party. As you level-up, you learn more skills based on your class setup. The SKILL menu does a great job listing and showign SKILLS learned... but. Say if you wanted to let the player decide which CLASS to go for during generation: it...
  18. RMVNex

    Keep EXP upon changing classes?

    In the game I'm making, characters can be upgraded by level and by tier. Each tier is the same as the last one but with higher base stats, critical chance, and so on. However I have a big problem. When a character's class is changed (which means when I upgrade that character's tier) the...
  19. check if class is member of party

    Hello, I need to check if a special class (lets say fighter) is member of the party. Not just if a special actor has the class fighter, but if in general a fighter is part of the group. Anybody knows how to implement this? Thanks!
  20. SirLudicrous

    Concepts for (sub-)class choices as the main character (and companions)

    Hi everyone! While tinkering around with my first project and thinking about different concepts, I realized that I need to do something about the classes you can have yourself and in the party. So the first thing I came up with was this: The main character stays "hero" and gets access to all...

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