1. Backwardskey

    Thoughts on this pseudo-class system.

    Going into this project, my primary goal was to make a combat system that was simple in execution - yet deep and complex in mechanics and customization. Allow me to deliberate. Imagine a combat system if you will that utilizes no elements, rather focusing purely on physical and magical damage...
  2. HeathRiley

    Event to detect if battler is certain class [rpgmmv]

    Hello! I'm looking for help in making an event that will detect if a battler (current battle party member) is of a certain class. Looking to do this on the field, not in battle. I'm ok with using script calls but am not sure of the syntax to do it with. I'm sure it would probably have to be done...
  3. Harosata

    DL: Class Armor

    Script: Class Armor Difficulty: Medium Short Version: Equipping Armor will change your Class. Version 1.1.0 -Change Class in the Event page will change your default class. -Adding or Removing a Skill in the Event page adds a skill that isn't affected by SKILLRESET. I made this for a...
  4. jjleroy

    Class Change: Check if (sub)class is already unlocked

    Hi guys, I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I am using Yanflys Class Change Core to have my lead actor have multiple classes to choosefrom. Every class has its own level. If I set the variable to Script: $gameParty.leader().level, I get the level of the class which is currently...
  5. Change an actor's face depending on their class

    So I'm working on a monster-raising game, and the whole thing revolves around classes. When an actor "evolves", they change class. I've got it working pretty much flawlessly, and I'm really pleased with it so far. However, the main problem with this, is that these monsters have the same face...
  6. mars714

    Skill Menu Empty

    Hello! I recently bought this version of RPG Maker, I've been learning on my own and thought the user manual. However, When I test my demo, the skills are always empty. When I LV up to gain skills, they are still not added. here is a screenshot of the skills page in game. I really don't know...
  7. Maldra

    Change Message Box Image File Based on Class

    Hey all, I've been looking for ways to change the image file in the message box based on what class a particular actor has. I've got the default menu image, the character walking animation and battler to all change thanks to some scripts out there, but am struggling with finding a solution for...
  8. KingKraken

    "Yanfly's Class Change Core" one directional class tree?

    Basically the problem I'm having, is that Yanfly's core on it's own, allows actors to change classes to whatever they want. But what I'd want it to do, is lock an actor into a path among that tree. No going backwards, only forward and branch hopping. Here's a quick diagram of what I'm looking...
  9. Stonga

    How do I make actor specific 'normal' attacks in MV?

    I've seen scripts for VX Ace that allow special normal attacks per character, but yet i cant seem to find out how to do it in MV. What I'd like is to be able to have some characters have the normal "Attack" option (which uses the first skill slot in the editor), and other characters use perhaps...
  10. Zarsla

    Class Equip Scence

    I'm using Ellye's class change plugin where equips are use to change the class. I want a plugin that will create a "Class Equip" Scene. Basically under this scence you'll be able to change the equipment that's link up to your classes and only those ones. This scence will be completely sepreate...
  11. XGuarden

    Skill did't appear

    I evrybody, I create a lot of character and they all have a class. Many character did't start at level 1. Inside the class settings I put skill depending of level. In my case they onle have level 1 to 3. After doing this big job, I decide to test it in game. I realize that event if recruit a...
  12. Johan86

    Help with yanfly class specifics script.

    Hello everyone and merry Christmas!  I need ur help with yanfly class specifics script pleasssse... https://github.com/Archeia/YEARepo/blob/master/Core/Class_Specifics.rb (class specifics is an add-on for the class system script...
  13. nerochepiace

    Change Class Name Request

    Hello to all. I wanted to ask if possible a plugin (or another way...) to change a class name depending on the actor using it. Obviously, that will need to work with a change class feature (I use Yanfly's BTW). Is possible a way to add a note to actor notetag to changing only for that...
  14. Cheah Hsun Teik

    list of variable , object/class and function/method to help in plugin creation

    list of  variable , object/class and function/method that is present in the rpgmaker mv js files and in JavaScript itself. Is it possible to list it all for me here? if not,how and where do I find them(full list)?
  15. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_ClassSelector

    !!! Class Selector v.0.7 !!! :Author: SkottyTV Latest Updates: Description: This will add a Class Selector to your Game. From here you can change/set the class of any Actor. - Races - Classes - Subclasses ! Important ! The Parameter Curves of the Race, not the Class will...
  16. Permanently Change Equip Types

    This is what I want to do: Use Job Points of a character to learn different equipment types. Problem1 Skill: equipment types aren't a skill. I'm not a fan of constant casting "Heavy Armor" (a state) just to wear "Stupidly Heavy Dragon Armor". Problem2 State: If set up as a state, job...
  17. Hikaru

    Arranging menu text?

    Hello! I want to rearrange the menu to look more like this: How would I go about moving the class to a different area? Long class names tend to get in the way of the Yanfly's "JP" system. Hope this isn't a stupid question. Cheers!
  18. Evolving Classes

    Hi! I am trying to make a class system for my game based on Yanfly's Class System. In my game, Class is going to be called "Class" (duh), but Subclass is going to be called "Rank". Actors will be able to change their classes freely, but they won't be able to change their rank. While Class...
  19. Change specific party member class

    Hi all! I am pretty new with RPG Maker, so I've started my first small project, but I am having some issues with it. I would like to have "Class Masters" that make a member of your party to become that Class. Example: I have Eric the Soldier, Natalie the Monk and Terence the Paladin...
  20. Rikifive

    Optimized Way to Draw Text

    Hello everybody!   I want to draw a number, that will have to be updated each frame from time to time. Now I'm wondering on how I should approach this. While I might know the possible solution, I wanted to ask for advice, to be sure, that things will be done correctly.   What I want is to...

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