1. captainproton

    subclass issues

    I'm really thinking about implementing a subclass system in my game. I even have most of the classes planned out. What's tripping me up is this: should the subclasses be split up among the base classes, treating each sub as a branch of the base? (Ie: knights can become berserkers, medics or...
  2. Class System Help

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a class system that utilizes two separate classes for a character. The idea behind it is one main class, and then later in the game, a separate class that a character transforms into. The hitch is i need this second class to be leveled up separately, i'm thinking to...
  3. Pugh95Bear

    Changing Character Class

    So, I have come up with an idea for a character I want to use. He is a cyborg that can change from being a Melee fighter to a Ranged fighter. I want him to be able to change from one style to the other during battle. He is the only character I will have that can "transform" like this. That's not...
  4. Having issues with a class changing event

    Ok here is the issue, I created a basic class called a mage and then at a later time using an event system you can upgrade to another more advance class, the problem I am having is when you get the change a couple of the advance classes are not supposed to be able to equip a staff and use a...
  5. PKLpikachu

    Class change during battle?

    Hello! I know there's a similar topic about this but it doesn't bring up a couple issues that I'm having. I'm using a Skill that calls a Common Event. The Common Event uses the Change Class Event, but when I use it, the Actor's level goes down to one. Is there a way to retain the Actor's level...
  6. Senshu

    Yanfly Script Issues

          Hey guys, I'm having some rather large issues with a Script that I'm relying on a lot. It's Yanfly's Class script. Along with the JP manager. http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/jp-manager/ <---------JP Manager       Here are the issues. Changing Classes/Subclasses...
  7. Senshu

    Class System support sript errors

    Hellow again RPG Maker forums! I'm having a small issue with a Script i'd like to use, but i'm getting some sort of Syntax error on line 39: "Unknown regexp options -wap" Here is the script in question: http://pastebin.com/9GP3iwUK And as instructed I have it put just below Yanfly's Class...
  8. Character Transformation

    Hello, I'm new to Ace and I've been trying to get one character through the use of an item change into another character. By that I mean different class, sprite, etc. but I want that character to be the same level as the original and than use another item to revert the effects. My current issue...
  9. Class that heals when attacked

    Hi, I don't think this has been asked yet, but I apologise if it has. I'm kinda new to this. I want to create a class that heals when attacked by a certain element (fire in this case). I've tried various things (states, items, weapons ect.), but I want it not to be a skill that has to be...
  10. gvduck10

    Trouble picking a new magic class? LOOK HERE!

    OK - THINK TANK - below is a generic list of magic classes, inspired by Final Fantasy, D&D, MTG, and various other sources, such as movies, novels, games, ect.... Feel free to add your own ideas: Magic-Type Characters MAGIC TANK - offensive magic, usually a Wizard or Mage, typically uses...
  11. 0% MP and Class Specifics

    Hey guys, I'm working on a game and I'm curious as to how you can make it so a skill drains your MP to zero. I only know how to make it take away a certain amount of MP, but I want the skill to send your MP to zero regardless of how much you have. How can I do that? Putting percentage signs...
  12. Character Classes

    Hey there! I apologize if this post is in the wrong section. What I want to do is develop a class system, where at the beginning, you select the classes of your party (like Final Fantasy I), but later on you can unlock other classes, and level each class separately. For example, say you have...
  13. YEA - Yanfly class system help.

    Yanflys class system and class specifics scripts are amazing, but I'm having a major issue with them regarding the way my game is set up.  Whenever i equip a class and/or subclass, the abilities that have been learned through them are always on my skills menu even if I change the actors...
  14. Tiamat5774

    The wrong people are playing with the mages' wands

    Hi it's me again, I've thought about this until its given me a headache, and still no closer to an answer. I want only mages to be able to use magic wands. The way I have it set up now, is when you buy or acquire a magic wand, It is in an unusable but consumable state.  A character has to...
  15. AlphaSilvr

    Class Change Advanced

    Hello, I am probably asking the impossible here, but I will ask anyway. :P I have a character that can change class IN and OUT of battle. This is pretty important to story. But I ran into something while playtesting... when she would switch to her attack class, her equips would "disarm" if...
  16. Three Questions..

    Ok so i have three questions...1=Highest priority 1.I have 10 classes and start of as a ghost with nothing so i can pick a class and get the items BUT i cant change the sprite...This is what i have so far. @>Text   A monk well at buffing and debuffing!   He only intends good deeds.Main...
  17. YesImAaron

    [VX] YIA FF1 Character Selection

    YIA'S FF1 Character Selection 1.0 by YesImAaron INTRODUCTION Hello everyone! This is my first public script. I first came up with idea to make this script after seeing many people request it at my old forum. A lot of people would just say, oh just event it (which I did do at one...
  18. Lunarea

    Features Feedback

    Are you wondering if a feature is right for you? Wondering if players would like one of the features you're adding? Or maybe you're unsure if two features go well together ... Have no project thread to post all of this in? This is the right place for you! Post your features here, or help a...

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