1. Felski

    Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    Introduction This plugin is a complex skill tree plugin. It allows you to create multiple skill trees for actors and classes. To unlock nodes the party has to spend currency or items. You also need to unlock the nodes in order. Not only learns the actor skills when activating a node of the skill...
  2. CrossBones

    Yanfly Class Change Core Question

    Hello again! I have some problems with the Yanfly´s Class Change Core... :(  (again) These are the icons i´m using for classes: archer: 1184 hunter: 1200 sniper: 1472 gunslinger: 1216 machinist: 1488 soo... My character´s name is Mado. These are notetags for mado...
  3. CrossBones

    needs help with Yanfly Class Change Core

    Hi, What´s up guys?  I need help with the Yanfly´s Class Change Core... lets say i have a archer class with the <Icon: 1104> in the notetag (is a bow icon) :) the thing i want to do is set another class for this class available for example: Archer class, Hunter class, sniper class...

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