1. sheeshkebab1812

    Is it possible to have class be based on armour sets?

    I'm looking to have a mechanic in my game where characters classes is based on their armour set. They would start out as a character with average stats across the board but having a full set of armour changes the class to be more streamlined to what the player is building the character. For...
  2. Goosypie

    Class change on the fly system.

    I need help finding a way to make a system for my game that allows the player to change classes using Q and W. It would be easy with common events and plugins but I need it to cycle through a set of 4 classes. I cant find this anywhere on the internet.
  3. yeetMyDudes

    RMVXA Accessing Hidden Classes/Libraries for Scripting

    Hello, I'm wanting to investigate how the Graphics class works in VX Ace, as I'm wanting to do some technical graphics. Would anybody know how/where I can find these hidden classes? Would I need to somehow go digging through the .dll files? :kaodes: Thank you in advance :rwink: (PS: If I make...
  4. Eliaquim

    Eli Cap Parameter Control - Manage how an actor can overflow his max parameters!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction In Eli Class Curves, we have the Cap Curve parameter that defines the max value of an actor parameter. But maybe you want to exceed this value somehow. Maybe equipping a weapon or using an item. So this plugin is for you. Features • Choose if you want to...
  5. ShinySlowqueen

    [VX Ace] Six things I would like to do with my game

    Hi, here's some things I'd like to do with my game. I've tried Googling and searching the forum, because I'm sure all of these have been done before, but I think I just don't know what keywords I should be searching. If y'all can point me toward any scripts or tricks on how to make any or all...
  6. atoms

    4/5 playable characters. Would you like to customize them with classes all at once or unlock more?

    Second question. How would you handle the mechanics with what you voted for? Optional question. Can read my setup below too, also optional. How would you go about doing this yourself? This second question is optional for those who just want to vote and not discuss, but I still encourage...
  7. Question regarding RPG Maker MV trial

    Hi! I was recently thinking of getting RPG maker MV but wanted to try it first of all and have a couple of questions if anyone could answer them :) 1) what limits are in the trail? 2) is it worth starting now until I buy it or will the data not transfer to the main thing ? 3) is there anyway...
  8. loendebr

    Class-specific weapons

    Hello everyone. I have ran into a bit of a problem whilst developing my game. At the start of the game, the player can choose one out of three classes: knight, mage or paladin. knights should only be able to use weapons such as swords, mages should use staffs and paladins should be using axes...
  9. atoms

    Like in Octopath Traveler, Limit Classes and Subclasses with Yanfly scripts.

    Alright! For those who don't know what Octopath Traveler is, it's a game that game out fairly recently (July 13, 2018). I liked how it handled the subclasses and was wondering if I could get a similar affect in RPG Maker MV. You can read about the game here...
  10. AshteriskGaming

    Questions: Transferring Turns & Character Training

    (I must warn you, I have 27 characters in my current game. This is due to a lot of party switching and parties splitting and mixing in various ways. Characters are also capable of dying due to some events and can be unusable the rest of the game, so having other characters to replace them...
  11. HeathRiley

    RMMV A Dungeon Crawler with Monster Catching

    Hello! As the title states, I'm interested in making a dungeon crawler with monster catching. I will describe it as directed in the forum guideline and post a small proof of concept demo. Game Mechanics: The player will fill out a team of monsters and traverse various dungeons to proceed...
  12. Rishi Raj Jain

    Extend max limit of MV database

    Hello guys, I was making Actor entries for My Pokemon Essentials MV Project but soon I got to know than I can't Make more than 1000 Actors. And the Pokemon Count of Gen 7, is 1000+ { Including all Alternate forms (Unown, etc), Mega Pokemons, Primal Forms, etc.} Therefore, I'm kind of struck...
  13. Actor Class Editing

    So I'm making my first proper game, and I have a bit at the beginning where the player can choose their class. However, for some reason, the class changes, but the skills don't transfer. As a bit more explanation, I'm using the default actors. So I have a section where people choose their...
  14. CallMeKerrigan

    Modern Day/ Sci Fi Skills

    Making a fantasy based combat system is a little bit less challenging than a modern day combat system. Obviously physical skills like punch, kick, even bite could translate. But what about Magic? I was thinking magic could translate somewhat into psychology and first aid. Like bandaging your...
  15. Biestmann

    Eternal Dreamers | Free Battle RPG | 91% Positive on Steam

    Eternal Dreamers is a battle-focused RPG offering deep tactical combat action. With a wide selection of classes and equipment pieces, the game puts much emphasis on customizability and player choice. This game is for all of you that cannot get enough of the high finding the next piece of shiny...
  16. Jomy10

    Balanced classes

    Hey everyone, I'm making a game and I want to balance out my classes, but I have no clue on how to do it. Is there a list somewhere of pre-made classes? Or does anyone have a technique to do this? Thanks in advance, Jonas
  17. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Enemies Core

    ICF-Soft Enemies Core - Version 1.00b by ICF-Soft Introduction Add different variations to enemies that can affect traits, hue, image, exp, gold, name, etc. You can also add classes for them with traits. Plus you can give more conditions to enemy actions and add actions to classes and...
  18. saksegutt

    Items, armor, weapons, skills etc.

    So I don't know why I waited so long to ask this question but I've wondered about it since MV first came out.  In VX Ace there were TONS of like pre-installed items. Armors, skills, items, weapons, enemies and full fledged out classes. There were like 40 in each category. Why aren't there any...
  19. Evolving Classes

    Hi! I am trying to make a class system for my game based on Yanfly's Class System. In my game, Class is going to be called "Class" (duh), but Subclass is going to be called "Rank". Actors will be able to change their classes freely, but they won't be able to change their rank. While Class...
  20. Allinardo

    Tons of Classes

    So a while back I stumbled upon this image by...I believe his name is Carl Graves? Correct me if I'm wrong on that one. But this image got me thinking. Would anyone actually be interested in playing an RPG with that many class options in it? I know people love choices, but what would be too...

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