1. Mime

    Souljourn Chapter 1 - RMMV

    Made with RPG Maker MV PRICE: FREE or Suggested Donation $1 STORY Vanya Cross is an newly exiled rogue, who - while on her way to a distant land was lead right back to the kingdom because of an emergency regarding the King (named Clovis). The King has been cursed and his soul has been...
  2. Ephiam

    RM2k/3 Venaitura

    Lord Zadigan has summoned the dread Tower of Venaitura from the depths of theDark World of Radunga and is using it to spread his evil influence across the the land. He has dispatched his finest combatants, the Six Purveyors of Doom, to retrieve the only six artifacts capable of stopping him...
  3. tale

    Battle Layout Classic

    BattleLayoutClassic - Version 1.2.0 (2018/09/19) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Battle layout resembles to RPG Maker 2003 Features - Able to hide all gauges with a parameter. (true, by default) - Party command window shown at all times in battle, if ShowCommandAlways set 'true'. (Status...
  4. Diaeitsch

    RMVXA the Little Music Box and the Daemon V1.01

    All graphics made by myself (Diaeitsch) Download V1.01 (7th July 2017): Story: The story is centered around an evil count who seeks for power. He gets knowledge about an ancient weapon that is localized in the "Golden City". So he orderes his men to kidnap...
  5. MRD256

    Sci-Fi or Old Fashioned?

    Which do you prefer? Modern Day/Sci-Fi Themed RPGs (with machines an things of the sorts), or Old Time-ish/Medieval Fantasy RPGs (with no machines), or even a mix of both (where only higher classed nations can use machines) For me, I like Sci-Fi themed RPGs since they have cooler looking...
  6. Diaeitsch

    RMVXA the Little Music Box and the Daemon (Full Version)

    All graphics made by myself (Diaeitsch) Download V1.01: Foreword: In mid December, more than half a year after I've finished my last game Re & Apophis, I was totally in the mood to create a very oldschoolish RPG (very simple story, only 16 colors etc). Very...
  7. RMVXA Sword And Stone Demo

    Hello, I thought it was time to post this on a more public forum. Scroll down to see download link for the demo. This is my first game, when I made the overworld map and started working on the game itself I found out I took on something bigger than I wanted but it is coming along slowly. I am...
  8. Robert Trent

    RMVXA Elysian Quest

    Hey, everyone ! I am pretty new here, so this is my first topic. This Project is the fruit of work of me and my team of 1 year and half about. We are an italian indie and small team named Phoenix Studio. We are working really hard to create the best product possible and...
  9. Nanaki_Fan

    Classic Gameboy style Resources

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there were any resources out there that offered a retro-classic style such as the old Gameboy games in terms of tilesets, music and resources. I like the nostalgic simplicity of the graphics and the music. That grey/green hue and the pix-elated graphics. Do...
  10. cradth

    The Four Disasters

    THE FOUR DISASTERS Demo version Latest version : Demo v1.61 + This game is a spin off for Avelions series +STORY+ -776 M.A- You are Ferde, an attractive yet reckless? guy, who made his best to the 10th seat of the strongest Archmages in the northern land of Reigeia. No one knows about...
  11. Val

    [DEMO] RPG Fighter League - A Battle to Finish! [Steam] Early Access

    RPG Fighter League - A Battle to Finish! - (Link to dev blog) Support RPG Fighter League on Steam - Early Access - :) For fans of old classic RPG / JRPG in a world full of secrets and great characters. Game Synopsis In a world were everything is settle in a good fight...
  12. hawkeye77o4

    [RMVX] Dragon Warrior 2 Style Lottery Mini Game

    I am looking for a helpful and generous volunteer to help me develop a Dragon Warrior 2 style lottery mini game.   Lottery @ 7:34   Thanks everyone!
  13. JacobM

    The Last Girl on Earth - Winner of the Indie in a Week Contest

    The Last Girl on Earth   When a mother starts singing a song, her daughter feels it is sad. But to the mother, the song is happy. "How can it be sad, but happy?" the daughter asks. That's when she goes on to tell her daughter the story of The Last Girl on Earth.     Character Bio: Laeta: A...
  14. tearsofthenight

    (IGMC 2015) Finding Fantasy

    Recomended LV's Before Bosses : 1.Boss 1 : 3-4 2.Boss 2 : 5-7 3.Boss 3 : 8-10 4.Boss 4 : 12-13 5.Boss 5 : 15-17 6.Boss 6 : 18-20 Buy the best equipment often! Make sure to save often incase of crashes! FINDING FANTASY A RETRO RPG WITH 100% CUSTOM RESOURCES. Here it is, my labour of...
  15. RitoJS


      Genre: Classic RPG Developer: RitoJS Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Actual demo: 2.3 Link: Without RTP:!nURnEC7I!Xe8jqEmigg9HjJzc_Ae24-AMOk3qCoJCb4ru7m8DaeI With RTP:!rcwCSYJJ!288yvd2VEylZ658qdbDObhkedr7ke6af-AlCFNnCZf8       That's all.
  16. gvduck10

    Suikostar - A suikoden based RPG w/ demo

    Demo Link: Overview/Story The Prince's sister, Zala, is about to get married, when something goes terribly wrong. This causes a series of political and espionage type events to occur that will spiral into all-out war, unless the...
  17. Solo

    Mega May!

    So... is anyone else enjoying Mega May on the 3DS eShop? ^_^ Mega Man IV (GB) is supposed to be released today, as a matter of fact. What are your favorite GB Mega Man games? Any you DON'T like? I know a lot of people dislike MMII (again, not the NES one, Mega May is all about GB/C games), but...
  18. Nugem

    [ACE] Battle Enemy List - No Duplicate Entries

    Hey! I've found this script here. The guy who posted requested the same, but nobody helped. Maybe he solved himself? Anyway, this script create an enemy list window in battle (like classic FFs). I'm trying to make the window to not print duplicate entries. Ex: If there are 2 blobs and 1...
  19. Synonysis

    Rune Rhetoric [12/23/2013 Demo available!]

    Caution: May contain religious, political, and sexual references. May contain strong and vulgar language. Produced in a facility that handles dairy and nuts.   Screenshots: Story Synopsis:  World Development: Main Characters: Nero's Party: Download: Credits:
  20. Dark Gaia

    Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords

    Game Overview Legionwood is a console style RPG made using RPG Maker VX. Legionwood is my attempt at creating a nostalgic and familiar RPG experience reminiscent of the classics of the early 90's such as Breath Of Fire and Chrono Trigger. Legionwood features a massive world filled with...

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