1. VaiJack8

    VaiJack's Music Place

    Hi, I write classical, rock, metal, epic, symphonic, fantasy, baroque and medieval music on my SoundCould. You can download it for free, and keep checking the page because it's often updated with new free songs. Thanks :v
  2. Nantas

    RMMV High Chivalry

    THUNDERHIND STUDIO - Welcome to the world of High Chivalry - High Chivalry is one of the biggest project that I ever created ! Discover a world built upon the ashes of the Middle Ages, painted like one of the greatest Fantasy World! " Even if I was given the right to rule our country, you...
  3. chungsie

    Chungsie's Poopy World of Battlers...

    Ok. I want to appologize to the mods for using the word Poopy, if that is not allowed, feel free to alter the thread's name, no explanation needed :) I am terrible at pixel art without a template... And I need a lot of battlers no one has made yet, like A LOT. I have made some with...
  4. Xirahii

    Xirahii's Basically-Everything-Musical Workshop

    That topic title was a mouthful... ._. but I think it describes what I have in mind pretty accurately.  I have made - and am still more than willing to make - songs of various genres, either full versions or loopable versions.  Basically whatever you think will fit your project, be it...
  5. Benjamin Kuli

    [MUSIC] Benjamin Kuli's Resource Centre

    Greetings everyone! I decided to release some of my older works for public use, and to share it with as much people as possible, I decided to open my own resource centre. You are able to download and use these music for your project as you wish, however, there are some rules for these music...
  6. crzyrbbtgun

    Classical music on electric guitar

    So i am wanting to fill my games background music with pieces of classical music played on electric guitar, having them in ogg format would be preferable  to enable looping but not necessary, this is for a non commercial project, and luckily the sheet music for the songs im requesting should be...
  7. Time Warper : Infinite Edition ( In The Making )

    Time Warper : Infinite Edition A short summary of the game: In a universe where peace and harmony is at its golden age where  countless races have ascended to pure pacifists but there are some who want a change, YOU are the one who will change this, YOU are the line between Chaos and Harmony...
  8. TheBrogrammer

    The Brogrammer's Rockin' Riffs!

    Hello everyone!  I'm a bit new at game composition, but I've been practicing music for over 8 years.  I thought it was about time that I started giving back to the community.  Here is my new Soundcloud page for my video game pieces!  Recently I composed a pack for the community DLC package full...
  9. Swedish game composer at your service! :)

    Hey all! Great to be here, I just signed up! My name is David and I'm a composer from Sweden. I write here to try to find developers in need of music for their game. I'm currently in my very first gig entitled "End of the Fallacy" which is LOADS of fun. I have a passion of composing in...

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