1. declan999

    RMVXA Perpetual Chains (An old fashioned RPG game with voiceacting)

    INTRODUCTION Hello! I'm Declan, the creator of Perpetual Chains. Like many people here, I grew up on the RPG games of the 90's/00's. It probably became a contributing factor to the career I landed in. I became an actor, touring all over Europe and eventually doing commercial voiceover. During...
  2. MajinSonic

    RMMV Alveron - Withering Roots

    Every Story needs an Ending... Well, but what if I don't like the Ending? Don't deprive a Story of it's Ending IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS (German Version) STORYLINE/PLOT CHARACTERS GAMEPLAY This game is developed by "CupHogGames". If you wanna see more, you can join our Discord Server right...

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gotta love when a plugin you thought had nothing to do with why something else wasn't working winds up being the issue...
Doing RPG Maker News for 26th September 2021

Well... it's been a while since I was last here :kaoswt: I don't want to say I'm officially 'back' yet, but I've recently started working with RM again, so I might become active here again :kaohi:
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aaaand my power is out. I sometimes think that I'm cursed.

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