1. Copywright

    About Classifieds

    I want hoping to post a paid post in Project Recruitment, but I saw in the rules that paid arrangements are forbidden. However, the Classifieds link leads to nowhere. Is there no place to post paid jobs or for people to seek commissions on this forum??
  2. Classifieds acess questions

    Hi. I was looking how can I get a bit more professional help with script/RPG Maker for money. I found that you have hidden subforum called Classifieds. But atm its locked for ppl with less then 30 posts if Im correct. I know it was made to stop people from posting ads. But I dont understand why...
  3. Nightblade50

    Why 30 posts until Classifieds?

    I just have a quick question. Why is it required that a member have 30 posts before he/she can access the classifieds?

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