1. Re-binding mouse buttons.

    I'm looking for a way to rebind my mouse keys. Right now I have my left-click shooting projectiles with Galvs Map Projectiles, but I'm hoping to bind right click to a separate attack (or visa versa.) Currently it brings up menu/cancels, but I don't want it to do that. Thanks in advance everyone.
  2. fightingferrets

    [SOLVED] Yanfly Common Picture Events- Transparency issue

    Hello everyone! I've been a lurker for a while and am amazed at all the knowledgeable, helpful people on the forums. I hope my problem isn't a silly one. I'm having an issue with Yanfly's Picture Common Events. 1. I show picture with a transparent background on the screen, no problem. 2. I...
  3. JapoZero

    RMMV Around me, crimson-stained leaves

    Around me, crimson-stained leaves. Synopsis Characters Screenshots Download Link I hope you enjoy this short project! Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, critique, etc. I appreciate these a lot.
  4. Amarok

    Adding pictures to windows + calling a function when clicking on text?

    Hey there, been trying to achieve this for a while, but all the standard JS solutions i tried didnt work. Does anyone know how to achieve any of this? btw i dont mean the default text, but the one you call with the drawtext function. For reference, this is my code: Making the window in...
  5. Mouse formation arrow clicker

    Hello rpg maker fans! I have stumbled on a problem i can't fix nor find the fix on internet. I have a game where i use only the mouse and i have more than 4 characters in the game. When i want to change the formation on these actors the arrow for changing the actors are really small.. This will...
  6. rechronicle

    Can we Set Clickable-on-Certain-Area at a Picture?

    Hello, I have encountered a kind of obstacle here. Basically, I want to make a picture that can be clicked and run event in the end. I am using Yanfly Picture Common Event, although it can be done by 12 pictures with each attached by Common Event separately. But I am curious if there is...
  7. Vis_Mage

    Button Input from Mouse Click

    Hi! :) I'm looking for a script that allows a button input to be configured to the left and right mouse click (ideally, also the up and down scroll wheel, if possible).  Note that I'm not looking for full mouse system per say, just essentially a way to trigger a configurable button press...
  8. Question about that white square!?

    Hi everyone, i've started to make my own game whit your software RPGMAKER MV, but i have a question about a thing that really annoys me: Is it possible to remove that white square that pops out when i click on a surface to move my character ? i've uploaded an image of that square to make all...
  9. Click to Move

    Hello folks. I have a request for a PlugIn as my knowledge of JavaScript only allows me to modify, not create :P I have scoured the forums and traveled the many reaches of Google and alas, my quest as turned up incomplete. What I am looking for is a Script that will disable keyboard...
  10. sertianscompany

    How to remove Touch/Click Flash Tile Effect

    Hello, I would like to develop a game for mobile in RPG Maker MV.   My question is: How to remove the flash effect that appears on the screen when I click/touch to move the character?   There should be a plugin or internal option to remove that effect, because it doesn't look right as it is...
  11. Click-Anywhere Evented Analog Stick

    Made an evented, click-anywhere, analog stick with 8 directions. This is a rough draft.  Putting it here for someone to help me make it better. RPG Maker MV File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5v7owily1cg0y7m/EventABS_Analog.rar?dl=0 Android APK...
  12. BlazedSoul

    world map based on clicks

    so... i want to make a game where you see locations in the world map (mostly dungeons and cities) and you click them to enter, instead of walking i have searched for something like that but the only thing i found was something to click events like chests... i dont know if i can use it for this...
  13. Misty

    Skip to main menu?

    Okay, I am writing a script for a splash screen transition. It works, but can't be skipped. #Skipif click SceneManager.goto(Scene_Title)endHow would I do this? Update: Thanks everyone! Got it working. I didn't know that there was no mouse support. 

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