1. Finnuval

    Grandfather Clock

    Hey there (again) for MZ again xD Barely got my last request filled and here I am again (sorry). Anyway this time I'm wondering if anyone knows of a grandfather's clock? Like this Any pointers would be evry welcome! Thanks in advance guys (and gals) xD
  2. Parallax Panda

    MogHunter Monogatari - Mog_SceneMenu (Playtime clock)

    So I'm using moghunters "Monogatari menu plugins" for my game and it's a bit messy overall but the biggest problem I'm having is with the "Playtime clock" displayed in the Menu's main scene (the first scene that launches when you press "ESC". The plugin file that edits this scene is called...
  3. tale

    Sharm - LPC: Modified base tiles

    Sharm modified some of the tiles she made in LPC style to work in RPG Maker VX Ace. Some of the tiles were commissioned by William Thompson who would like to be acknowledged as a contributor. Zip file includes- [Characters] !$clock | !$door | !fire | $princess [System] Window | Window1...
  4. JohnDoeNews

    Clock & Calendar Workshop (Steam)

    SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOT DOWNLOAD LINK HOW DO I USE THIS TO LEARN? (!)Explaining is done in MV, in the (common) events, NOT in the game. The game just shows you some funny examples. WHO MADE WHAT?
  5. JDevain

    condition to check if the dialogue window is open

    Hello, I have a parallel process that runs a simple homemade clock (wait 60 frames, add 1 to the variable "minutes", that sort of thing). I'd like the clock to stop whenever the dialogue window is open (i.e. whenever you're talking to an NPC or buying something, etc.). Is there a way to have a...
  6. Heirukichi

    Customizable Clock and Time (Day/Night cycle)

    Night/Day System - VX Ace Clock - v. 1.0.5 by Heirukichi Description This script adds a Day/Night cycle and in-game time to your VX Ace game. In addition to that it adds a customizable "clock" to your game. The so called clock is no real clock, it is more like an image used to display night and...
  7. AshuriPiden

    Timed day change and clock system?

    Title says everything actually. I wanna see if theres a simple clock system script. I think i can get the day and night thing going but if theres a simple way for that too id love to see it
  8. Melina

    Farming System like Harvest Moon and sleeping

    Hello :D I work on a new Project Idk a name yet but it will be simillar to Harvest Moon. And well I alraedy have Day and Night and also a clock but this clock is terrible I need to open up the Menu and select Keyitems but I really dont want that. It would be super cool if there would be a clock...
  9. KingTentacleAU

    How can i have my clock display in the top right constantly?

    I have followed this tutorial. It basically has the clock setup in a manner that will suit my game nearly perfect except for 2 things. The main one being i want the clock displayed as an overlay in the top right. His is set as a called on key item. The other option, i was hoping to have the...
  10. Monkeynugget

    Small Assortment Of Stuff

    Nothing Majorly Exciting T.O.S : Feel Free To Do Whatever You Want Except Claim Them As Yours. IF you do use them a Copy of the game would be nice or at least let me know where you used them :) Just Quickly Animated the Clock A Moment Ago And Liked the Outcome I thought I'd quickly add a...
  11. SumRndmDde

    Timed Attack: Clock

    Timed Attack: Clock by SumRndmDde Version 1.00       What This Plugin Does: This is another Timed Attack system that is based of off the ring or clock system from Shadow Hearts. Basic Setup: This Plugin requires the Timed Attack Core. Have both the...
  12. Pipp

    Event clock with day and time

    Hello everyone I'm new in here (Sorry for my bad english, it's not my national language and I'm still a child anyway : ( ) My problem is: I'm trying to make an in-game clock and calendar, but it will only show you the time and day. (No more: Week, year, etc) I saw a lot of video...
  13. SumRndmDde

    Variable Rates (Have Game Variables changed by a certain rate in the background of your game!)

    Variable Rates Version 1.00 by SumRndmDde What This Plugin Does: In the simplest terms possible, it allows you to increase or decrease one or more Variables by a certain value every certain amount of frames. This Plugin groups everything into "Rates". Each Rate has...
  14. Sixth

    PC Clock HUD - v1.3 (19/02/2015)

    - Script: - Addon for Yanfly's System Options: This addon let's you put in some options for your players, such as hide the clock HUD, change it's color, and so on. It must be put below Yanfly's System Options and below my PC Clock HUD scripts! - Demo: Nop, sorry! -...
  15. Time Script dependant on Internal Clock Needed

    I could use a time system that is dependant on the internal clock of the computer, not sure if this is possible with ruby alone or if you would need an extra .dll file to input this kind of functionality. A good example of what I'm looking for is a time script that works like Pokemon Crystal's...
  16. Macko89

    In need of Day and Night, 4 Seasons with Clock and Key Script

    Day and Night, 4 Seasons with Clock and Key Script I need a script so the game can run in day and night but i want to make it optional to have it real time time or just game time but when ya get to a certain areas like Auria and Bleak where you get the LtKey & DkKey which ya use it controls...
  17. Euphony

    RMXP Tile Add-Ons

    Credit: Euphony. A link back to this thread would be nice as well, but not necessary. Non-Commercial: Totally free! Just keep in mind you have to own RPG Maker XP to use them. Commercial: Same conditions as non-commercial. Repost: Please do not post these resources elsewhere. If you want to...

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