1. Avanoh

    Boss That Copies

    I was interested in making a boss that would copy player moves rather than using his own moves exclusively, as well as splitting into multiple copies of himself at some phase in the fight, followed by those copies transforming into “clones” of each party member while also using their move sets...
  2. Player’s clone (enemy)

    I want to make a rival for the player, that will always have same stats and skills, is it possible?
  3. Draaloff

    Clone actor & Sell Actor

    Finally, I'm back in the RPG Maker community after VX Ace! I had a game all planned out, only to descover 2 key features don't exist. Clone Actor (making a copy of an actor in the database, like with Pokémon) Selling an actor (get money, items, et cetera) Cloning actors has been...
  4. SilverDash

    cloned event is not visible?

    The cloned event fully works on the map after being cloned and is interactive, it's just... not visible... Code in gameMap: // events[0] contains the $mapData for the event var newEventID = this._events.length; events[0].id = newEventID; $dataMap.events[newEventID] = events[0]; var newEvent =...
  5. SilverDash

    Can't seem to clone a bitmap

    function cloneObject(x){    return Object.create( x ); // still doesn't work...// return Object.assign({}, x); // does not work...// Afaik JQuery is not supported in RPG Maker so all those solutions are a no-go anyway.};I also found this: Object.extend = function(destination, source) { for...
  6. estriole


    ■ Information ╒══════════════════════════╛ EST - Clone Transform Delete Event Version: 1.9 By Estriole File name: EST_Clone_Transform_Delete_Event.js ■ Introduction ╒══════════════════════════╛ Want to Add New Event based on template event in current / other map or Transform...
  7. MeowFace

    Multiplying Enemies

    Done for a request here. This seems to be a fun script so i am sharing it here for anyone else that needs it. This script allows the making of multiplying enemies. (enemy that splits and multiplies) eg. Slimes that kept multiplying at each turn's end until the original slime is killed...
  8. Ashtonion

    How do you do a clone skill?

    I know I could do this with events but I don't know how. I want the skill to make a clone of the particular actor who uses the skill (only one character can do it) and have it disappear at the end of the battle, also it disappears when it's health reaches zero. I'm guessing I'd need to make...
  9. Erangot

    Event Cloning script (like FlipelyFlip's)

    Hi guys! Could someone please help me, can someone recreate/convert Flipelyflip's cloning event script for VXA, since the one I have is for VX:     Or if not, if there's any scripts similar to this with the following functions:   - Clone events from another map - Can specify which event, which...
  10. Luigi-like

    Shadow doppelganger request

    Okay what im looking for is edits to the hero faceset sprites (and feild character sprites) that show them as evil versions or shadow doppelgangers if you will, anyone who has played mario galaxy 2, Super mario 3D land, and Legend of zelda games, they would know in those you would fight yourself...

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