Bottom edge of map is copying the top edge

    Hello, I'm having a weird issue, I've searched but couldn't find anything mentioning this. I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace from Steam, the map is 174 tiles wide and 133 tiles high, and I'm using Zeus' Fullscreen++ at a resolution of 640x360. The problem is that for some reason, the bottom edge of the...
  2. Erangot

    Event Cloning script (like FlipelyFlip's)

    Hi guys! Could someone please help me, can someone recreate/convert Flipelyflip's cloning event script for VXA, since the one I have is for VX:     Or if not, if there's any scripts similar to this with the following functions:   - Clone events from another map - Can specify which event, which...
  3. Erangot

    [VX] Pick-Up Script and Event Cloning

    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone would help me out regarding the scripts I use for this game I'm developing. For my farming system I am using Sinmora's Gift & Pickup Script and FlipelyFlip's/Kread-Ex's Cloning Script which I will post later at the bottom (since I can't find the original links...

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