1. Amarok

    Help creating a persistent log window (SOLVED)

    Hello guys! so ive recently started to learn coding but this is still too much for me, if you don't know exactly what im talking about Just be able to open and close a window that shows up more lines of text as i add them, then once its filled it clears the window and starts again. I got...
  2. Quanee

    Opening/closing disabled menu with the same key

    Hi, I've been look around for a solution to my issue, yet I can't find any. I'm trying to make only one, simple item menu for my character, which can be open and closed with the same exact key. So far I've got this: 1. I've created a parallel event 2. Changed menu access to disabled (I don't...
  3. Help with making Metal Gates Open and Close

    I've been searching the internet for the solution but I probably suck at it (and making RPG games)... I don't know how to make an event where I can toggle a metal door to slide so it can be passable, and then pressing the action button again to "slide" the metal door back. The event I want to...
  4. Torqus

    Lag Spikes when opening/closing menu

    Hi, My problem doesn't come with a plugin or anything like that. Just by creating a new project, without doing anything, I playtest and when I open the menu I get down to 48 fps, closing it is even worse. In my legit project, using Yanfly Core plugin increases the spikes from 48 to 20 fps for...

    Yanfly Main Menu Manager Plugin - How to add 'Finish', 'Close' or 'Cancel' command to the Item, Save

    Using the Yanfly Menu Manager Plugin for RPGMaker MV, I would like to implement the same kind of 'Finish' command to the inside of the Item menu that's present by default in the Equip Menu and Class Menu.  Specifically, I would like to put that 'Finish' command in the Item menu so it allows...
  6. MeowFace

    Hide Game Window's Border, Close/Alt+F4 canceler

    Made this for a request and sharing it here in case anyone else needs it. Even with all the hates, there still seems to have quite a demand for this. Just to clarify in case some one started to post something negative about this: I know, taking away close button is cruel and not fun. I don't...
  7. Force closing game?

    One of the games that I'm making involves a creepy ending, where the game immediately force closes after viewing the game's credits. Is there a way to activate this action using events, or will this need to involve some script call? I looked around, but I only got answers in the RPG Maker VX...
  8. Razelle

    [STEAM] KGC Bitmap Extension causing any game I put the script into to immediately shut down.

    Exactly as the title says; it took me a while but I was finally able to pinpoint it to this script, because there would be no script errors, the game would just close as soon as it loads. It doesn't get past the black screen before the title screen appears. This happens both when I test play...
  9. MusicWizard

    Close Door behind me event quetion.

    Hello folks. First off i don't know if this post is in the right place but i give it a try. I got a problem i would like to solve. When i make door event that opens and i walk in and transfers the actor to another location. I want the door to close beind me on the location i have transfered...
  10. Rodvard

    Two way doors inside! (Eventing with Default RPGMVXA)

    MAJOR REVAMP & UPDATE: Following the amazing interest and feedback on my little post I have remade this guide in full and streamlined my events code. Please see my step by step guide below on doors and the video I made on it at the bottom of this post (1min 15sec). Hello wonderful people! I...
  11. I appologize if it's been discussed but I need help.

    I've been looking all over, through the forums and all. And I'm hoping I just stupidly missed it. So moving on. I'm trying to work things out on my own as much as possible, but I've tried making events and such and the interior door Tutorial has no pictures anymore. I'm trying to set a Curtain...

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