1. StartTsu_

    [MZ] I'm looking for women's clothing

    I'm looking for women's clothes for the chibi version, things like armor, bikini armors, shorter clothes
  2. Where can I find designs of the RPG Maker MV clothing, but in full body

    Hello everyone, I am needing some drawings of the clothes that come in the RPG Maker MV character generator, but in full body, it is to be able to make a design for the video game, I know I could do them, but I am quite bad at drawing and they would not come out well :( I wanted to know if...
  3. mlogan

    Tall Character Collection

    In light of some recent request threads, I thought it might be a good idea to start a collection of tall character sprites/clothing in one place, instead of having it in multiple request threads. How I hope this will work is that members can put their contributions in this thread and I will...
  4. Ibro02

    RPG maker MV modern clothes needed

    I’m creating a game based in current times, but idk how to add items to the generator and I need items. Can someone show me how to do it and can someone send me some modern clothing for the character generator. Better hair designs would be nice too.
  5. masterDev

    [Clothes] Need clothes for my character

    Hello everybody! :D I have a special request for my game in developpement. Like described in the title, I need a spriter designer to make clothes for my character (Sun Wukong a.k.a the Monkey King's style). I would like clothes like this: Or like this (but topless): Here are the base of...
  6. KimiRaven

    Drawing character clothes

    Anyone willing to share a tips?
  7. Mikleo

    [VX Ace] Hair and Clothes Face Generator Parts

    EDIT: Nevermind about the Hair Part, somehow, I was able to do it. I'm looking for Clothes that can be added in the Face Generator too. Preferably, Modern Clothes or Military Clothes if possible. And since this thread is already here, can anyone here understand Japanese? I actually found...
  8. Kikko

    Changing charachter potrait and sprite

    So I want to make a place where you can change your hairstyle and clothing in my game. The problem is just that when you have the option to change clothes to the character I also have to change their portrait when they talk since there are different combinations to choose from. The only fix I...
  9. Mikleo

    RMMV Modern Clothes

    Hello, can anyone please point out any resources or maybe make some clothes (if you have the time) that is appropriate for Modern times? Like simple shirts, shorts, pants, or skirts, maybe dresses? I'm currently making an RMMV game, unfortunately I'm having a hard time editing clothes. It...
  10. Yukina

    Icon Request - Necktie (VX ACE)

    Hello everyone, Sorry to bother but I'm looking for an icon of a necktie for VX Ace (24x24). The color or pattern doesn't really matter. I looked everywhere for DAYS but I was unable to find this specific item, even among the modern clothes ressources I searched through. Can somebody...
  11. Modern Hoodie/Baseball Cap?

    Maker Format: MV I was wondering if someone could create or link me to a Hoodie and/or Baseball cap that I could use for characters? Is it also possible that a character wearing a hoodie could be wearing jeans as well? I'm making a game that takes place in modern day and I've been trying to...
  12. Mikleo

    Modern Clothes for MV

    Hello, I just recently switched from Ace to MV, and I immediately noticed the lack of modern clothes for MV. Can anyone please do Modern Clothes (such as shirts, polo, jeans, dresses... also other suits, and ballgowns if you have the time...). Even if it's a plain shirt, it would be great...
  13. Brayden P

    Modern Clothes Request

    WARNING: This is something for someone to do in there spare time and the person who dose this request should not expect pay.   This is a request for some modern clothing for a game that takes place in 2034 Please attempt to make them colourable. What I Need: T-Shirt With...
  14. gendfleur

    hijab for looseleaf walksprites?

    hello! i've been looking for a little while, and i can't find any type of hijab for any iteration of rpgmaker walksprites, and i need one for one of my characters. if you wanted to make it in xp or vxa, or found one made for xp or vxa, instead, i can mod it to looseleaf (i do have Some spriting...
  15. CrypticCuddler

    Request: Shirt Collars

    Hi~ So I've been cranking out alot of face graphics for my first game, but I have reached a small impasse. I'm really in need of some shirt collars on these guys matching the sprite clothes. Here are the individual face graphics to work below- Please I would really appreciate if this...

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