1. AcetheSuperVillain

    Acheron Series Black Friday Rush 2019

    Hi. For a long time, I've been making a series of 3D models I call the Acheron Series. There's always a big sale on Black Friday and lots of purchases throughout the holiday season, so I've been rushing to finish up products before it starts this year. In the past, I've done mostly races...
  2. FrozenNorseman

    [MV] Clothes for Tall sprites?

    Hi boards So, my google-fu is failing me, because I cannot for the life of me find a nice and varied collection of clothes for the tall sprites. What I can find, is some stuff about stretching and pictures of things that have nothing to do with MV in the first place. That's why I turn to you...
  3. Gamingstar

    Clothing Sprites

    Hello, I am trying to add collectible outfits in my game and need sprites for folded clothing. Can anyone make them for me? Thanks! (Edit: I've realized I didn't specify that I need the sprites for VXA)
  4. Korean Character Generator Parts (Clothing, Hats, Ect.) RMMV

    Hello, I want to make a game that takes place during the Imjin War. I've got plenty of Japanese material (as do we all perhaps). But, I'm looking for 15th to 16th Century Hanbok (Korean clothing) both male and female. Also, some Gat (Korean hat with the beads). Armor would also be awesome even...
  5. Alilali

    Alilali's random stuff

    After a while, I've decided to create an account here and upload the little things I made, mostly edits (maybe some original stuffs too), because I took free to use awesome stuff from this community and I want to give some too. I'm not good at all at pixel, but I learnt how to edit so I decided...
  6. BottleCapGames

    Inventor Type Clothing Generator Piece (RMMV)

    I am making a character in my game who is a inventor. I would love it if someone could make a clothing piece that would consist of baggy pants, black boots, and backpack with machinery on it. This is for a commercial game. If you would like, I could give you a free copy of the game as well...
  7. Kikko

    Changing charachter potrait and sprite

    So I want to make a place where you can change your hairstyle and clothing in my game. The problem is just that when you have the option to change clothes to the character I also have to change their portrait when they talk since there are different combinations to choose from. The only fix I...
  8. WolfKingAka

    Martial Arts Based Resources (MV)

    Howdy! I'm a bit of a Martial arts enthusiast! As a result, my search for a Gi and Shaolin Monk's robes have been pretty dissapointing to say the least. Any chance someone knows where these are? I'd like them to be used in the MV character creator. Thus they'd need usable battle sprites too...
  9. Modern Hoodie/Baseball Cap?

    Maker Format: MV I was wondering if someone could create or link me to a Hoodie and/or Baseball cap that I could use for characters? Is it also possible that a character wearing a hoodie could be wearing jeans as well? I'm making a game that takes place in modern day and I've been trying to...
  10. vico

    Greco-Roman Gen Parts

    Hi all. I searched this entire forum, but didn't find anything. Has anybody made free clothing parts for MV generator (or Schlangan's Extended Gen) inspired by Greek and Roman cultures? Thanks in advance!
  11. gendfleur

    hijab for looseleaf walksprites?

    hello! i've been looking for a little while, and i can't find any type of hijab for any iteration of rpgmaker walksprites, and i need one for one of my characters. if you wanted to make it in xp or vxa, or found one made for xp or vxa, instead, i can mod it to looseleaf (i do have Some spriting...
  12. emilywake

    Clothing Options

    The character generator is very helpful and all, but there isn't much in the way of clothing choices. I mean, what if you want a hero that wears a simple outfit because it is comfortable? Does anyone have more things for the character generator that allows new clothes? *NOTE: The should show...
  13. Help with Clothing in Character Generator

    Hello! I have just purchased RPG Maker MV. I am very familiar with VX, but I decided to upgrade because I thought it would be a nice christmas present to myself. I am working on a new project, and I realized that using my own resources proves very difficult. However, I really don't have much of...
  14. Final_zero

    Hair and modern clothing

    Hey I posted a while ago (A couple of months ago) and got very little answers. I was hopeing for some one to help me with some hair and clothing requests for my characters. My characters are using modern hair and I have Photo' s for people to use for the hair. I also need some modern day clothes...
  15. Equipment based Character change, is it possible?

    So, with my Custom Sprites, I just figured out yesterday that I can instead of making over 420 actors [race, gender, class, clothing, event based surgery [will be working on this later. It'll actually be pretty simple [force movement, screen blank, screen show, change actor appearance, and do...
  16. ianbach

    change gear = change sprite/graphic

    change gear = change sprite/graphic I was wondering if there is a script out there or if someone can help me figure out how to write a script like that. or anyone who is brave enough to make one for the rest of us who suc& at script writing. it should be something that will work with other...

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