code execution

  1. Skill coding of chance chains

    Before I start, I'll clarify the term "chance chains" in the title. This simply means there's a chance-based property in the skill and, if that succeeds, another chance property pops up. For instance, programming my skill, Protective Light, beyond the initial heal is getting difficult, because...
  2. Using note tags correctly

    Note tags are the bane of my existence with this program right now, and cannot get them to work... Case in point, I have a Gunner (class) named Callum (Actor). His weapon set will include pistols, rifles and shotguns. Now, two of these are naturally two-handed (exceptions include sawn-off...
  3. Kino


    Intro: This plugin allows you to create an icon menu on the map scene, which you can access using touch input. Version: 1.00 Features: Touch Input Player won't move around while clicking inside the menu frame Buttons can run any sort of function you want You can use icons to...

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I think I've got my hero designs pretty much finialised ( still got some tweaks. ) In the end it'll be the four outfit colour variants with four different skintones.

I'm a bit conflicted. One the one hand, it's quite visually cool to make bodies of water that the player can interact with by going into it. However obscuring the player character from a gameplay perspective is pretty bad. Hmm... There's the option to make the area around the player visible, but then that kind of defeats the purpose of submerging them. :unsure:
Stream will be live shortly with some Darkest Dungeon! Feel free to drop by!
Another two plugins done! One being an on map grid inventory.
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