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  1. Skill coding of chance chains

    Before I start, I'll clarify the term "chance chains" in the title. This simply means there's a chance-based property in the skill and, if that succeeds, another chance property pops up. For instance, programming my skill, Protective Light, beyond the initial heal is getting difficult, because...
  2. Using note tags correctly

    Note tags are the bane of my existence with this program right now, and cannot get them to work... Case in point, I have a Gunner (class) named Callum (Actor). His weapon set will include pistols, rifles and shotguns. Now, two of these are naturally two-handed (exceptions include sawn-off...
  3. Kino


    Intro: This plugin allows you to create an icon menu on the map scene, which you can access using touch input. Version: 1.00 Features: Touch Input Player won't move around while clicking inside the menu frame Buttons can run any sort of function you want You can use icons to...

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Hi, I've just tried your plugin "Game is Active" and when I tested it on Android, it gave me an error, something about "Cannot read property 'underfined' of underfined.
With my project, I want the player to have access to all the tools they need to get from New Game to Credits as soon as possible; I want the player's progress to only be impeded by the player not knowing how to use the tools the game provides.
Just a little close up shot...
finally drew the last member of "team outcast" for my game. since my game has a lot fighting game elements in it, there's bosses in teams of three like King of Fighters.
What do you guys think about Survival mechanics in games (Hunger, thirst, etc.)?
Do you find them to be an enjoyable obstacle or a bit of a nuisance?

Asking for a friend... :stickytongue:

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