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  1. [RMXP] how it check if the player is above a certain Y position

    hello, this is my first time using the RPGMAKER forums and I've been having problems with the scripting function of the engine more specifically, RPGMAKERXP, is there any way to check if the player has moved above a certain Y position? This is the code I have written for it that I tried using...
  2. SparkaFear

    How do I get information from other scripts?

    In RPG Maker VX Ace there is a script editor (which you probably know). In the player script I have made a bullet system. And now I actually want to add enemies, so I can use it for something. I can make a class, but I dont really know how to get information from the other scripts. So in short...
  3. AgentN107

    (SOLVED)Capability with pop up and item storage

    I am using Vlues Sleek Item Popup now I have a mechanic where enemies pick up items and thought. the player can at least know when an enemy gets an item in a chest. so I have two problems one I can't for the life of me get this to pop...
  4. AgentN107

    (SOLVED)Event name override for YANFLYS Move Restrict Region

    so first of all I am making a modification to YANFLYS Move Restrict Region script here I made a change if I name an event in the editor it overrides the event overall region restrict. Now all of this has been going...
  5. Whitewitchworks

    Puzzel door won't stay locked untill puzzel is solved.

    Ok I'm having a bit of a problem, I'm making a puzzle game and for one of the puzzle rooms you have ts change all the lights to green, I already have the light conditions set so when you walk on them they change and effect neighbouring lights. so the puzzle starts X0XXX0X but say you walk...

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