1. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Converting a 30+ Digit Number into a Short Alphanumerical Passcode

    Hello! I've got a bit of a tricky problem I'm trying to solve. In one of my projects, I'm implementing a system to allow players to generate and share codes that will let the creatures they raise inhabit the other player's game. To do this though, I need to pack a lot of info regarding the...
  2. ScorchedGround

    RMMV Saving ._Data across saves?

    So I just noticed that when assigning database objects additional data, it does not get saved when saving the game. For instance, if wrote: $dataSkills[102]._power = 2; $dataSkills[102]._power would return 2. It works perfectly well. But if I were to save the game, close the game, and then...
  3. Draw HP bars after the battle start

    At the start of the battle, the battlers HP bars appears as the characters move towards their home positions. I want to show a black screen that hides characters sprite loading. I managed to hide the UI with VS plugins but the HP still shows above the black screen (Black picture not parallax)...
  4. Trying to Edit Damage Formula based upon states

    I am trying to get the below code to work when applying a skill. Enemy casts Venom-> Venom Applies State 4 of Poison Damage and calls the common event AcidResistance(this checks if the player has the skill acid resist, and then applies the state 32 to them)-> PoisonDamage state does <skill...
  5. Mercedes90

    RMMV Remove HP, MP and TP bars, but for only 1 Actor?

    I've found this Plugin code in an old thread that removes the HP, MP, and TP bars. It's quite useful for my game but only if I get to apply it to only 1 actor. Any help?
  6. Drake616

    [HELP]Return Enemy in Troop ?

    Basically I need a code that checks what enemy is in what position inside the troop. $gameTroop.members()[0] = enemyId(1) I assume it's something like that but it doesn't work :/
  7. ScorchedGround

    RMMV [VE_DamagePopup] Multiple Custom popups do not work.

    This is for MV. Link to the plugin Hello everyone, I am having trouble with VE_DamagePopup, specifically with the custom popup script-call it provides. Here is what it looks like: battler.callCustomPopup(text, motion, font, size, color, x, y); This script-call works perfectly fine, unless...
  8. AgentN107

    item notebox problem

    so I have been learning different note box methods but my dumb brain is having issues with items noteboxs. I did try reverse engineering a scripts note boxing. Which worked for a while till I found out picking an item up before the noteboxed item, stops my script activation system from working...
  9. NowiFate

    RMMV How to check if an actor is absent?

    I am writing a little bit of script. In this, I want to check if a certain actor is NOT in the party. I found the code: $gameParty.members().contains($gameActors.actor(002))) But I want to do the exact opposite. I wish to check if they're not contained. What is the command for this or how do I...
  10. AgentN107

    (SOLVED)Capability with pop up and item storage

    I am using Vlues Sleek Item Popup https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/7350-sleek-item-popup/ now I have a mechanic where enemies pick up items and thought. the player can at least know when an enemy gets an item in a chest. so I have two problems one I can't for the life of me get this to pop...
  11. AgentN107

    (SOLVED)Event name override for YANFLYS Move Restrict Region

    so first of all I am making a modification to YANFLYS Move Restrict Region script here https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/field-scripts/move-restrict-region/ I made a change if I name an event in the editor it overrides the event overall region restrict. Now all of this has been going...
  12. ScorchedGround

    Adding different states via common event (At the start of battle)

    So what I want to do is add certain states to all enemies at the start of any battle. I'll be doing this via YEP_BaseTroopEvents which calls a common event on Turn 0 of every battle. The main issue here is that I don't want every enemy to gain the same state. Basically; All enemies gain the...
  13. RMMV How to prevent $gameMessage.add() texts from stacking?

    Let's say I need to make two characters talk via plugin function (not via script call). for example, the code is this: $gameMessage.setFaceImage('Actor1', 1); $gameMessage.add("I love pudding!"); $gameMessage.setFaceImage('Actor1', 2); $gameMessage.add("I hate pudding!"); I need both of them to...
  14. Nerdpago

    RMMV Need a little Help with code and chrono engine

    Hello everyone! So, using chrono mode, when you start a battle, you followers assume a especific formation based on the player position and direction. But after that, you cant make nothing else (like routes) i think this is the line code for: //============================== // * Set Initial...
  15. Axsajim

    The Flowermaker.

    Grettings, I am the Flowermaker: a creator. I've been creating since i was a child and i'm living from it since my adolescence. Drawing, writting, coding and more. I'm pretty curious so learning new skills become an habit real quickly. I know English, Spanish and Japanese. You could guess...
  16. Sweaterman

    After a cutscene. Player can't move after Player Transfer. (SOLVED!)

    EDIT: So uh, I fixed it. All I did was copy everything on the mpa to a new map, and it just worked. (vvvvvvvvvv SOLVED vvvvvvvvvv) I made a cutscene nwhere the screen fades, some dialogue happens, an image is shown, and the player is moved to the next map, but after the transfer, I can't move...
  17. Mxrio

    [MV] Adding extra variables to Game_BattlerBase?

    I'm trying to add some extra variables that can be accessed in Damage Formulas and other code pieces via Battlers. I'm experienced in code but not making plug-ins or javascript specifically so I just modified rpg_objects.js for this attempt. Specifically, this is in Object.defineProperties() for...
  18. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly's EventTimerControl question (Lunatic code)

    With Yanfly's "EventTimerControl" there's a parameter for "expire code" which runs when the timer reaches zero. What kind of JavaScript would I have to write in there to trigger Common Event 1?
  19. Edilsonsoares

    Rpg maker mv can get information from computer?

    I was wondering if there is any mode or plugin that takes the username, or uses PC time, such as game time, or any plugin that does something similar, taking information from the computer and using it in the game   Thank you very much in advance :elhappy::hhappy:
  20. Event happen only when player is close enough to it

    Hi everyone, I have an enemy that shoots projectiles with GalvsMapProjectiles, Right now he fires from anywhere on the map, I'm trying to make it so he only starts shooting when he's on screen, or better yet, when he's a certain distance away. Any things I may be missing? Or is there any code...

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