1. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly's EventTimerControl question (Lunatic code)

    With Yanfly's "EventTimerControl" there's a parameter for "expire code" which runs when the timer reaches zero. What kind of JavaScript would I have to write in there to trigger Common Event 1?
  2. Edilsonsoares

    Rpg maker mv can get information from computer?

    I was wondering if there is any mode or plugin that takes the username, or uses PC time, such as game time, or any plugin that does something similar, taking information from the computer and using it in the game   Thank you very much in advance :elhappy::hhappy:
  3. Event happen only when player is close enough to it

    Hi everyone, I have an enemy that shoots projectiles with GalvsMapProjectiles, Right now he fires from anywhere on the map, I'm trying to make it so he only starts shooting when he's on screen, or better yet, when he's a certain distance away. Any things I may be missing? Or is there any code...
  4. Jomarcenter

    [VSCode] RPG Maker MV plugin Generator for plugin developement version 0.3.0

    This extension for visual studio code allows you to generate new RPG Maker MV plugin files with just a simple command features: Create a completely filled plugin template create a blank plugin template notes: This is still a work in progress, please report any bugs so I can see if I can fix...
  5. Jomarcenter

    [VSCode] RPG Maker MV Snippet for plugin developement

    The semi-Complete snippet for the RPG Maker MV plugin development snippets for Visual Studio code Make your necessary parameters easier as well making setting up your plugin in a snap Features And planned: Complete Pixi.js snippets (planned) Complete function set (working on it) and more...
  6. Captain_Joshua

    Bide type skill activating multiple times/too early?

    I am trying to create a skill resembling the pokemon Bide skill, in which the user takes damage for 3 turns before doing the damage they took times three to their target. The skill applies a special state to the user in which they cannot move/attack/do anything. After three turns they´re...
  7. basic stealth coding question ???

    Hello internet friends can I please have some help with my stealth code I am super new to rpg maker mv and have never used Java script before I am enjoying adding a little stealth level to my game I am mainly copying these cool tutorials even tho they are for vx ace and I am using I am...
  8. residntevl

    Restoring Lost Items After a Defeat

    Have you ever been playing a game with a feature that returns you to some safe place after battle? What about maybe you're in a Dream Sequence and you lose the fight. You also lose all the really powerful healing items you said you'd never use until you really had to use them. With this neat...
  9. How to make a command menu?

    Can anyone make a guide on how to create command windows with options and handlers please? I was able to create a window using this code function MyWindow() { this.initialize.apply(this, arguments); } MyWindow.prototype = Object.create(Window_Base.prototype) MyWindow.prototype.constructor =...
  10. PhxFire

    Changing default map size in Map Properties

    So I've changed the display size of my game and everytime I need to create a new map I have to manually upsize it to be the minimum requirements, which isn't awful but I have 100's of maps to make lol... Is there a way to change the default 17x13 to new numbers... I'm guessing it's somewhere in...
  11. What is the code to add a debuff on a target?

    Using Yanfly's Skill Core ( to try and add a debuff on the target after a skill is used. The format given is: <Post-Damage Eval> code </Post-Damage Eval> I can't find an answer anywhere, thanks in advance!
  12. Ryubix

    How do I find my unlock code?

    Hello, I just bought RPG Maker MV this evening on the RPG Maker website and I didn't got an email yet. Is there a way to have my unlock code anywhere else or I need to wait for a mail who didn't come since nearly 2 hours? Thanks for answering.
  13. Drawing an icon with Eval?

    Hello everyone, I'm tweaking the Yanfly's plugin "Main Menu Manager". When assigning the Menu-Command name it says: "Name – This is how the command will appear visually in the main menu. This is an eval, which means, it’s code driven. If you want the command to appear just as it is, use...
  14. State that when wears off play a skill

    Hi ! i am using almost all plugins of Yanfly (Battle Core, Buff and States etc....) And i want to do a state that when it wears off will do a skill. For exemple this state can be put on a foe and will stay for 3 turns then damage him when the state wears off. Is someone know a code that can...
  15. Yitzi Litt

    How to force a dodge?

    Is there some sort of command I could use in a skill formula that will force the person being attacked to dodge/miss (preferably even if hit type is "certain hit")? for example: if ( $ > 10 ) { b.forceDodge } else { a.atk * 2 }; If not, would this be easy to make a...
  16. Jonforum

    Show icons [images] DB in vscode !

    Isane ! enjoys: Just comment with the path of your `image.png`
  17. Mr_Saltine

    Help with odd skill system

    I am trying to make a skill/magic system similar in function to the "Mana Eggs" from Grandia 2. My version are crystals. for example, equipping the Fire Crystal will only let you see, learn, and use Fire spells. if you unequip the fire crystal, the spells go with it. i can set the crystals to...
  18. megumi014

    [Solved] [JS] A few questions regarding Background pictures.

    Hi, I hope I can make a few questions under the same threat, if not I will split them. I'm currently working on the [Select Item] (Window_EventItem) function to transform it into an Inventory. Instead of drawing the items it just draws the icons (128x128), that I will switch for drawings on...
  19. Isabella Ava

    check eventId from another functions?

    Erm Hi : =) You see that i try to run a simple function for each Event in the map (RPGMV) But within this function, i need to get eventId of the event that is running this code (assume that i don't know it) I tried several ways but cannot get eventId of the "host" event Please help, thank you :=(
  20. Having some trouble with cozziekun's Earthboundish Odometer

    Recently my rpg has been getting to the end of it's development and I wanted to add one last thing. The odometer. However, anytime they are hit it says 'null' and this happens to the window. Anyone have a recommendation on how fix it? Link to script:

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