1. Terozu

    [RMMV] I finally got a system set up to allow players to use Custom Pronouns. Is there an easier way for this?

    I thought 'how hard could it be'? Then it occurred to me that every instance of a pronoun would have to account for whether it would need to be capitalized or not. Hahaha. So I eventually frankensteined this monstrosity off basic coding tips on the Javascript site and some things I saw on...
  2. MV or MZ for a beginner with coding experience and high aspirations

    I am going to make a game which is distinct enough that i'll need a lot of plugins and probably code some myself. The idea is a buldurs game like game where its based of a ttrpg and is more or less just converted into a game. RPG-maker works well in that regard. But the battle system alone is...
  3. karte34123

    Should i get RPG Maker MV while having little coding experience?

    I got enough money to buy RPG MAKER MV and its bundle, and i really wanna make a basic game with it, i do know it uses java which i really wanna learn about and get into, but rn i only got like some understandings on html 5 and css, so would it be a good idea to buy this game and learn java with it?
  4. snoqie

    FREE [Touch the Stars] Looking for 2nd Programmer (Parallax Mapping)!

    Hello! I'm Snoqie. I'm new to the forums, but was introduced to RPG Maker through the "Touch the Stars Game Jam" that I found on itch.io. Although I have never made a game using this engine, I would love to try making one! :kaoluv: About Me I am a hobby artist from Korea, who doesn't...
  5. Parlu10

    RMMV "Synchronize" Ability

    Hi everyone, I was trying to make a passive ability, also using Yanfly's Plugins, that would work like "Synchronize" in pokemon: whenever the user has a negative status, they transmit it to their enemies; in my case, I want them to transfer it to a random target. However I don't really...
  6. DarkSearinox92

    RMMV Yanfly Save Core - Autosave - Option Core

    Hello @Yanfly Sorry if i disturb you here, i want to inform you that the code that you provided in the expansion script AutoSave for Save Core, for add the function in the Option Menu, it simply doesn't work :( I read some thread from people that ask the same thing, but nobody replied. Can...
  7. A few questions...

    I am experimenting with RPG Maker MZ. I have a few things I want to complete. 1) How can I move the sprites from the right side of the screen to right on top of their portraits in the battle screen? I have an idea of where this is handled, but if someone can definitively point me in the...
  8. The_Sarah

    Creating additional Actor Command Windows in Battle (now with pictures!) [VX Ace]

    Hello All! I am trying to make an additional Actor Command Window for a subset of "quick" skills that you pick from after you've picked your Actor's primary action for that turn. Then, when the turn plays out, your Actor will do both their Primary Action followed by their "quick" Sub Action...
  9. Madre_Joshua

    Skill/action sequence that acts different if it targets the user?

    I wanted to make a skill where the user moves over to their target and patches them up with a healing item. The problem here is that, if the skill is used on the user themself, they simply walk a few steps forward, turn around and the animation weirdly plays on them. This is my current set-up...
  10. Madre_Joshua

    Problem with delayed skill/skill that activates upon state running out.

    I am trying to create a skill that has the user fly up into the air for 1 turn before going down and striking the opponent, think the Fly/Dig move from pokemon. It´s based on the Dragoon Jump skill from Yanfly. // Action Sequences // Setup: Jump animation. <Setup Action> display action perform...
  11. AgentN107

    (Solved)How Brightness?

    so I am trying to add a way to change the brightness in-game from an options menu. it is using a variable but in case you need to see the code it is the yanfly options menu so one way I thought of doing this is using the graphics. Brightness but while it works when I adjust it, it resets when...
  12. AgentN107

    (Solved)Custom options for Yanflys options

    I am looking for a way to add custom options to yanflys system options that are like how the switch and dashing work but with more options than off or on. like for a difficulty option, it would have easy med hard. I would like them to still be able to be variable just not like the bar it...
  13. AgentN107

    Custom Curser how?

    I am trying to make a custom cursor that is next to the options and not behind the selection I found some coding that does what I want but then resets when I move the cursor. I have it in my scripts window should it be elsewhere. Edit: should have mentioned, this is for a script I'm making, so...
  14. AgentN107

    (technically SOLVED)I have 2 issues with my item pop up

    So I made a script that is a more simple item pop up of just being in a corner and the player can just go about there business it also is used for quests or whatever else. It is called through a script call that can change its Icon and its message the 2 major problems I have are 1 if it runs and...
  15. Monnettie

    Is it possible to make a check type system?

    I had this idea for combat where you could "check" an enemy, and once you do you unlock some attack for that enemy. Would that be possible for mv without having to know a ton of coding?
  16. Monnettie

    Putting games on the Google Chrome store?

    I would really like to put my game on the google chrome store. I know how to send it in, it but how do I go about setting up the file and etc?
  17. DjKniteX

    My Switches to get NPCs to disapepar when you leave the room isn't working

    I set a general switch for the NPCs in a room and made a 2nd event page where it's empty. The first page for those npcs have the switches on. Now I have it on my transfer (for when I leave the room) to turn the switches off but that doesn't seem to be working. After I talk to the NPCs they...
  18. ShinGamix

    Ruby Versions Discussion

    I have an idea for a script project I want to start with a few other people I know but I wanted to discuss a few things. The project is going to be a big undertaking and benefit the community as a whole. How much difference does the Xp, VX, and Ace versions of ruby actually have? I know the...
  19. Anarcho-paladin

    Where to learn coding synthax

    Hey there, another newbie question here... I was wondering where I could learn some basics in synthax coding; I'm presently trying to implement Yanfly's Counter Control plugin in my project, but I'm having a hard time understanding how to use the notetags correctly. Sorry for asking; I know I...
  20. ShapeshiftIdentity

    Is there a way to override tile settings using events?

    Is there a way to override tile settings using events? I want to make certain characters be able to "fly" and therefore negate any (x) tile setting and hazard. I'm also trying to create characters that can climb, which will only negate some of the (x) tiles. Is there an easy way to do this...

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