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    Project RMW World

    Project RMW World is an attempt to create a fully realized world that functions as a game as well. It began as a collage or quilt of maps posted by users in order to create a seamless, integrated world to call our very own. The world is complete - at least the external portion, anyway. But what...

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--- Surprise Part 2 ---

F.Healer: Look,i'm the Cute White Ghost!
F.Mage: And,im the Scary Witch!
M.Archer: I'm The Handsome Vampire!
M.Fighter: AWOOOOOOO!!!
(Suddenly,The Electricity Is Turned Off. Then Turned On 10 Seconds Later)
Hero: (With Scream Mask & Bloody Knife) Hey,how about my Costume?
Entire Party: (Screaming Until Faint)

230 paths... roughly 250 light sources on the screen... One serious lag fiesta... But I finally got it all the screen at once. I guess I could have also just made an event to spawn each one in exactly the location I needed, but that's sooo much less fun. :LZSwink:
A wee radio thing I made months and months and months ago. 2020 has felt like such a long year. Maybe made this before 2020.IDK anymore.

Made this one much more recently.

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