1. Magusalfador

    Is there a Script code to set the collapse method for an enemy?

    Hi all! Im playing with some code on basic attacks and Im wondering if there is a way to set the collapse type (normal, boss, instant) via code to an enemy before it dies. Thanks!!
  2. Doktor_Q

    Properly reviving enemies that collapse

    I'm using Yanfly's animated sideview battlers for a project, and have a necromancer who can revive dead enemies. The problem comes when if I set an enemy to collapse when dead (corpses were cluttering things up): When revived, they appear as a ghostly silhouette instead of their actual sprite...
  3. TNID

    Where are custom RMMV Enemy Collapse Effects?

    Hello MV community. My question is where can custom RMMV enemy collapse effects be found? Been looking about 2 hours and only saw Moghunter's MV Collapse Effects but I wasn't impressed at all. If more ways currently exist to create custom collapse effects please point me in the right direction...
  4. JoePie

    Changing Collapse & Escape Effect

    Fellow scripters, I'd like to change collapse effect to using animation (like blood splatter and etc), And changing Escape animation to Collapse effect, for example disappearing instead of running away. But found there's no way to alter them without a plugin according to here, I...
  5. JoePie

    Regarding Collapse & Escape Effect

    Hi fellows, There's 2 question regarding built in collapse & Escape effect in RMMV. 1) Is there anyway to change collapse effect to using animation (like fire and etc)? 2) Is there anyway to change Escape animation to Collapse effect AKA disappearing instead of running away? Thanks...
  6. Mr. Trivel

    Death Sounds

    Name: Death Sounds Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-01-19   What does it do? Makes actors and enemies play a sound when they die.   Screenshots: Nothing to show.   How to use? Use following note tag in Actors or Enemies note fields: <Death...

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