1. How to collect certain item to achieve an secret ending?

    My cousin is trying to find a tutorial or learn how to collect a specific item to achieve a secret ending since they're also adding multiple endings in their game. They told me at the end of the game that the player has multiple choices what to do next of their action, and if the player finds...
  2. BonnieLass

    Respawning Resources Trouble

    So I want to create a resource gathering system where the resources respawn after a certain number of days, which are kept track of via a variable. I'm stumped as to how to do this though. My solution to the problem is a failure. Basically I set up a system where when a resource is gathered the...
  3. Whitlinger

    Item Quest

    Hey, guys! I have a question. If I want the player to collect a few different items, that they have to give to a certain NPC to complete a quest, how would I do so with a variable? Thanks for your help!

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