1. ExeSandbox

    Changing event bounding box based on direction it's facing

    Hello there! I don't know if this can be done or not, but is it possible to change an event's trigger/bounding box/collision based on the direction it's facing? i.e. for something long and rectangular like a car that takes up a 48x96 space (2 tiles), if it was facing up/down the bounding box...
  2. Featherbrain

    Larger collision size for larger sprites/smaller tiles

    Looking for a plugin that allows setting larger hitbox sizes (e.g. 2 tiles by 3 tiles instead of default 1x1 tile, etc) especially for the player, but also events and vehicles if possible. The intent is to allow the use of smaller tile sizes (e.g. 12x12 or 24x24) in lieu of pixel movement. The...
  3. renguro

    Walking Through Walls Despite Terrain Marked as X and not O?

    Hello, I decided to make my own tilesets and have enough to make a fairly basic map. However, there are a few issues. The cave walls that I made are formatted for A4 (Walls). I place them on the ground over top one of the grass or dirt tiles that I made and put on A2, and my character can walk...
  4. Parallax Diagonal Collision

    Hey guys, i've been searching everywhere but i wasn't able to find the thing i need. So i'm using Galvs Diagonal Sprites and pixel movement ...
  5. BuzzGaming57

    Changing collision area of the player/characters

    I'm currently working on a game and have run into a problem that will be unavoidable to ignore in the future. The collision for characters in RPG Maker encompasses the hole sprite or the 32x32 area, I'm looking for a script or a way to change the area for collision detection in sprites. I...
  6. Yanfly´s doodads- Making collision

    Greetings, -For those who doesn´t know what Yanfly´s grid-free doodads plugin do and what´s the main problem with that: It basically allows you to place tiles onto map through in-game menu that this plugin adds, but you don´t have 48x48 grid limitation while placing the tile. Only problem with...
  7. SpunkyWunky

    How to create Large game assets with no Collision Issues?

    Hey everyone, First time coming out of lurker mode. :kiss: Was hoping to get your thoughts or direction. I'm going to be creating a story based game and want to completely remake all of the assets to be custom assets. Not only that, I want to make them all larger so I can add a more detailed...
  8. DerKIAS

    Event Touch problem with "Free Movement v0.87" Script by GaryCXJk ( VX ACE )

    Hey, guys! As the title suggests, Im having a problem with the "Event Touch" function when using the "Free Movement v0.87" Script by GaryCXJk which can be found here (You can't try the demo cause the file is corrupted for some reason)...
  9. userlame

    How about some Pixel Collision

    Soooo... I am looking all over and I can't find any standalone collision plugins, understandably so because why bother when there is Quasi Movement. Well, you (I) might not want to use Quasi Movement with all that it comes with (like having to give up followers) and use a more simple pixel...
  10. Denisowator

    Script for partial collisions?

    So I want my game to not be restricted to tile based movement, at least not for the player. And some of the tiles I made are like the rock walls on the Exterior tileset, but they go diagonally. Basically instead of the edges of the walls just going flat horizontally and vertically, they go...
  11. Poupouille

    Collision problem with tile Outside_A4

    Hello. I used these tiles to make a wall for a house. But, my character can move on these tiles: he can walk on it. However, he can't access on these tiles if he comes from the right or the left. That's normal? Because I have ticked the boxes in the Tilesets' menu. Thank for your help.
  12. rechronicle

    Repeating Boulder Spawn + Collision on Player

    Hello,  I am completely stuck here... need some help.. 2 days tweaking it with no answer.. So I want to make an boulder spawn on certain point and at the end of the road it will teleport back just like a continuous rolling boulder on the cliff. At the other hand, if the event(boulder)...
  13. braisem

    Requesting plugin help with "Quasi movement"

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could provide some help with the older plugin "Quasi_Movement" it is a collision mapping plugin that has lost its support and even its instructions page. you can view the plugin here I'm just trying to get the collision mapping part of it working but I've...
  14. ZirconStorms

    Quasi Pixel Collision Issues/Error

    (I have personally messaged the scripter, and they have given me permission to use/edit these scripts, so long as credit is still given. Do not try to rip the scripts in the demo and claim as your own.) When trying out Quasi's VX Ace pixel collision scripts (this was combined with the quasi...
  15. mushputato

    Event Touch not functioning

    Hello, sorry if this is a commonly-asked question but I couldn't find it previously asked on the forum. Basically, the Event Touch trigger for my events isn't working correctly - When approaching a player, instead of colliding and triggering the event in question, it just sort of hangs there...
  16. Walls are allowing me to walk through...

    I have the transparency working and all now. Now I'm running into a collision issue. My character can walk through walls! Does anyone know what I've done wrong here?
  17. ninclemdo

    Modern Day Tileset Collision

    I'm working on my first project and I bought the Modern Day DLC tileset and even though I turned off the collision, it still will let me walk through things. However, I can only enter from the bottom. D:<
  18. Collision Check Ledges

    Hi there, I am fairly new to all this, but am not that new to programming. Just a heads up that I am ok with script solutions. I believe this is a common problem and I have been searching a lot, but did not find anything concrete. I attached an image. In there you should see a red line. I...
  19. Milena

    Half the Sprite Collision?

    Just wondering if there's a way to do a half sprite collision? For example, if I go towards colliding with an event, I only want to collide half with the sprite's measurement, how can I do a alert / console.log to tell me if it collides? What I am aiming for is to check whether half the sprite...
  20. MeowFace

    Event triggers Event

    Made for a request here. This allows an event with a name tag <eet> to trigger another event with name tag <eer> it came into collision with. Features: [1] Event triggering another Event [2] Able to check who triggered the event [3] Able to set up conditional branches to have different...

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