1. tale

    kotonoha* - Critical Animation, Actor State Color

    CriticalAnimation - 2016/03/10 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview Animation plays when a critical hit happens Feature - You can set Animation ID through parameter Animation ID plays when a critical hit occurs. Note: applies to all critical attacks, including from enemies. Preview Credit...
  2. Mr-Toyblock

    Custom animations and dark colors

    Hey, I've been working on my game for awhile, and I just got started doing custom attack animations. I tried to make an animation out of completely black colors, but it ended up showing nothing, but it did show when I used a brighter color. So here we are now, I tried to make make a sprite for...
  3. Yawgmoth

    SumRndmDde_TitlePictureChoices Plugin Image Help

    Hi all, I'm trying out SumRndmDde's Title Picture Choices Plugin which comes with 4 images New Game, Continue, Options, and Shut Down. I don't need the shut down option but do need a Score Board image. Problem is I don't know how the images were created and I need to create a Score Board image...
  4. tale

    Control Character Color Expansion

    Control Character Color Expansion 2014/10/12 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction This script expands on control character for color over 31. Instructions: On line 16, you can add more colors by following color code format (R , G , B [,A ]), For text event, type \c[32-35...] to change text...
  5. Jonforum

    ES6 Highlight html syntax inside string! vscode

    After hour and hour research i find it , am so happy , i share You can now use new es6 string and insert html or css with syntaxe coloration ! Before After Awesome tool , enjoys
  6. VenEttore

    How to Add/Change Main/Sub Colors in Character Generator?

    Hello, everyone! I was playing around with MV's character generator and found a clothing part that I like, but also found that I can't change the color of the pants without changing the color of the shirt as well. I'd like to be able to edit these separately. How would I go about doing this...
  7. Nightblade50

    Red/blue text

    I know red and blue text can be used by moderators. But what do they mean? When and why would a mod use them?
  8. Jonforum

    ECC: Easy Console Coloratrix v2.1

    □────────────□-{ ECC: EASY CONSOLE.LOG COLORATRIX LIBS FOR RMMV }-□────────────□ @author □ Jonathan Lepage (@dimisterjon),(@Jonforum) @plugindesc Manager color syntax for debug easy fast consol.log coloration * V.2.1 * License:© M.I.T...
  9. coticka

    Change Stat Down Color?

    I assume it'd be pretty easy to do. Unfortunately, I cannot find where to change the text color when you have "-Atk/-Def" Etc... Where would I locate that and change the text color. I know that it's through the number of the color from the windowskin image file. I just need to know where to do...
  10. Jonforum

    How color proprety obj in console debug? custom Theme devtool (SOLVED)

    Hi everybody. is there a way to color the properties of an object in a chromium debugging terminal? I would like to color some property to facilitate debugging. ex, sometime i use enumerable:false, it reduces the contrast but that is not enough. i would like full control color for debug...
  11. eat beans

    Font Color

    Why does RPG Maker MV force your fonts to be white with a black border? Is there any way to make it pure black or pure white, or any other color? Thanks.
  12. Rink27

    Adding colour to Console.log

    Is it possible? For example: console.log("\C[10]Test"); outputs Test in the relevant colour. Or is there any other way to make certain console logs to stand out more besides you being creative?
  13. How to make a color-tile based puzzle?

    I've played several games where there's a specific colored tile/block that can only be placed on the same color/specific spot(or the path only continues when it's on the same color). I found an example in this video. The puzzle(that you see in the thumbnail)starts at 12:31. Anyone know how...
  14. SumRndmDde

    Color Picker - Plugin Parameter Type

    Description of the Feature: This would be a feature that adds the capability for plugin developers to set up parameters to use a "Color" input type. The parameter would function by having the users open the parameter, click a button to open the color picker, customize the color, and return once...
  15. Pine Towers

    Where each Window.png color is used?

    Hi there! I'm making a custom window.png and got a few problems. I must follow the color code already made there else the game messes up the colors (like, red for health, blue for magic, green for TP...). But the way the colors in window.png are placed look like random! Is there written...
  16. tale

    Trb - TextColor (Hex Color Code)

    TextColor - Version 1.00 Creator name: Trb Overview A plugin that allows text color to be selected from Hex Color Code. Features - It allows you to define the color code with #000000~#ffffff by using the control character \c[ ] - For more detail, please search "color hex code" online...
  17. Indsh

    Change colour of text

    Hello Peeps, Im coming to the last lap pf my game and now its the deets im looking at. Im trying to find the lines of code that relate to the text colour change when wepons and amours are being compaired. To clairfy, when you go to menu>equip>actor-select you can then select items. Your...
  18. AA's Backup Plan

    Can someone post a picture of all the color-numbers?

    To be specific, the colors that appear in \C[number] modified text. I need a chart of all the colors and numbers, because looking through the colors, number by number, it's tedious and dumb.
  19. Changing Color Codes and Icons in menu

    Firstly i apologize for this (probably) not being in the right spot. Anyways - how would i go about changing the color and even icons in the menu? Ex: G is the default color and symbol for gold. How would i do something like, say, R for rubies? Or even put a Ruby symbol there in place?
  20. Val

    Yanfly Engine Plugin - Is it possible to Color the Text of a Skill or Magic?

    Hello everyone, I want to know if it's possible to Color the Text of a Skill or a Magic with @Yanfly plugins engine? Do you know any idea how to do that? I know how to color text in message with \C[X] but this wont work with a skill or magic. Any idea anyone? Or maybe another plugin...

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