1. Window Backgrounds in MZ

    Hi, I've been migrating my project from MV to MZ. There's one problem I haven't been able to fix. When using custom "window.png" files, the upper left corner of the file seems to dictate the window's opacity. I have set this to 255 to have a monochrome, opaque window. However, no matter the...
  2. JardsonJean

    Wardrobe Color Variations (RTP Edit)

    I made 12 color variations to the Wardrobes you can find on the Inside_C tileset of the MZ RTP. As long as you have a license for MZ you can use these on any project personal or commercial and I don't require credits. Please, if you like these, suppor me by visiting my page ladyluck.itch.io...
  3. ovate

    Battle Effect Popup

    BattleEffectPopup - Version 1.9.2 (2020/04/15) Creator name: Triacontane Introduction You can use pictures to show battle effect popups. During battle, a popup will result from an action. Popups is dynamically created string or prepared image. Here are the terms: - Miss (normal Miss will no...
  4. ovate

    Item Borders Rank

    Item Borders Rank 2014-10-07 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction Items can have borders as a base similar to icon design for MV. Preview It's possible to rank items by giving them different colors. Colors are based on default color index. In the item Note box, I used following...
  5. ovate

    Kido's Picture Plugin Commands

    PictureColorChange - 2018/08/16 To change a picture with hue and tint. Feature You can change the hue of picture with a different color as shown in the preview. Based on the hue-ring around 360 degrees, as shown below. For white/ black and monochrome images- changing that color won't be...
  6. RMMV Small code with several issues [Help required]

    Hi folks :) i've start working on a Game, technically a whole Remake of an SNES Game. i'm working with many few Plugins and modified them to my personal needs. First thing first: im using 2 "Window.png"'s , cuz i want my Main Menu is builded around "brown" color theme like the Game im try to...
  7. SkottyTV

    STV Plugins - ItemRarity

    STV_ItemRarity v1.1 This plugin adds a simple Item Coloring to your Game. Changelog: v1.1 - Added Script Command v1.0 - Basic Functionality Terms of Usage: Credit -> SkottyTV Non-Commercial Games -> Free To Use Commercial Games -> Contact me via mail eMail: info@skotty-tv.de Script...
  8. RainbowGrenade

    MZ Tile & Character Edits

    08/31/20: Added bridge and pipe character sets. Edit: Also added a short pillar char set Attribution: Just credit Kadokawa. If you feel like it, you can credit me, but I don't mind either way. Free for all the things. The sets that have MV parts will be noted as such. You can only use them if...
  9. rechronicle

    Window Colors Legend?

    Hello! Is there any color legend somewhere? Like a map legend. Or has anyone ever made one? :biggrin: Ex: color20-21 = health bar; color1 = text color, color15 = text outline, etc. Thanks!
  10. ovate

    kotonoha* - Critical Animation, Actor State Color

    CriticalAnimation - 2016/03/10 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview Animation plays when a critical hit happens Feature - You can set Animation ID through parameter Animation ID plays when a critical hit occurs. Note: applies to all critical attacks, including from enemies. Preview Credit...
  11. Mr-Toyblock

    Custom animations and dark colors

    Hey, I've been working on my game for awhile, and I just got started doing custom attack animations. I tried to make an animation out of completely black colors, but it ended up showing nothing, but it did show when I used a brighter color. So here we are now, I tried to make make a sprite for...
  12. Yawgmoth

    SumRndmDde_TitlePictureChoices Plugin Image Help

    Hi all, I'm trying out SumRndmDde's Title Picture Choices Plugin which comes with 4 images New Game, Continue, Options, and Shut Down. I don't need the shut down option but do need a Score Board image. Problem is I don't know how the images were created and I need to create a Score Board image...
  13. ovate

    Control Character Color Expansion

    Control Character Color Expansion 2014/10/12 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction This script expands on control character for color over 31. Instructions: On line 16, you can add more colors by following color code format (R , G , B [,A ]), For text event, type \c[32-35...] to change text...
  14. Jonforum

    ES6 Highlight html syntax inside string! vscode

    After hour and hour research i find it , am so happy , i share You can now use new es6 string and insert html or css with syntaxe coloration ! https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Tobermory.es6-string-html Before After Awesome tool , enjoys
  15. VenEttore

    How to Add/Change Main/Sub Colors in Character Generator?

    Hello, everyone! I was playing around with MV's character generator and found a clothing part that I like, but also found that I can't change the color of the pants without changing the color of the shirt as well. I'd like to be able to edit these separately. How would I go about doing this...
  16. Tamsyn548

    Red/blue text

    I know red and blue text can be used by moderators. But what do they mean? When and why would a mod use them?
  17. Jonforum

    ECC: Easy Console Coloratrix v2.1

    □────────────□-{ ECC: EASY CONSOLE.LOG COLORATRIX LIBS FOR RMMV }-□────────────□ @author □ Jonathan Lepage (@dimisterjon),(@Jonforum) @plugindesc Manager color syntax for debug easy fast consol.log coloration * V.2.1 * License:© M.I.T...
  18. coticka

    Change Stat Down Color?

    I assume it'd be pretty easy to do. Unfortunately, I cannot find where to change the text color when you have "-Atk/-Def" Etc... Where would I locate that and change the text color. I know that it's through the number of the color from the windowskin image file. I just need to know where to do...
  19. Jonforum

    How color proprety obj in console debug? custom Theme devtool (SOLVED)

    Hi everybody. is there a way to color the properties of an object in a chromium debugging terminal? I would like to color some property to facilitate debugging. ex, sometime i use enumerable:false, it reduces the contrast but that is not enough. i would like full control color for debug...
  20. eat beans

    Font Color

    Why does RPG Maker MV force your fonts to be white with a black border? Is there any way to make it pure black or pure white, or any other color? Thanks.

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