1. Nirwanda

    Getting rid of the red tint on enemy death animation

    Simple problem: I'm making a black and white game, but whenever an enemy dies the death animation makes it flash red for a second before dissapearing. I was wondering if there was a way to get rid of that. Thanks for reading.

    How to change the text box background color in yanfly message core?

    How does one change the message box background color so it is light blue or light pink instead of the default  off/white color? I can't seem to find any information on what the actual command is to make such a change.  I want to change the text box background to be the color shown in that...
  3. Mikleo

    Visual Novel

    I think this is the correct category? I just want to ask... would majority be turned off if the visual novel key scenes (those specials CGs/Drawings) has no color? Like, it's literally black and white (well, maybe mix in a little silver)? I can somewhat produce a very average drawing... but...
  4. How to change color of speaker's name in dialogue?

    Hi, I was wondering how you change the name of the character who's currently speaking into a different color from their dialogue. Here are some examples
  5. wrigty12

    Poison Flash on Damage Fix (Now with Customization!)

    TDW Poison Flash on Damage Fix - v 1.01 wrigty12 Intro - After installing plugins, I noticed that the typical red "flash" on a map when taking damage from states like Poison did not end up working. Upon research throughout the forums and internet, I could not find a fix. Thus, I created...
  6. Servidion

    Enemy color change? Not hue.

    Is there a way to change the enemy's color due to a state? Kind of like Photoshop's "Colorize". I'll give a couple examples: Frozen: Character/Enemy turns all blue. Petrify: Character/Enemy turns all grey. Anybody know?
  7. That Bread

    Wasnt there a guide to color like the ace rtp?

    Hello! I have been looking for a good coloring tutorial, I do recall there being an color like the rtp guide image thing? Its been a long time and I since lost it, I was just wondering if anyone knows where I could find this one, or any other good tutorials. Thanks! :D
  8. kovak

    Change gauge bar shape and colors

    I don't even know how to make them to look thinner, but i wanted something that could do that since i know nothing about js :<
  9. Mr. Trivel

    Multicolor HP MP TP Gauges

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Multicolor HP MP TP Gauges Created: 2016-03-23 Version: 1.2   What does it do? Increases colors used for HP MP TP gauge.   Gif:   How to use? Set up plugin parameters and done.   Plugin: <Link: Github>...
  10. AHideousBeast

    How do I make the text box transparent?

    Hello everyone, I'm attempting to make a Lovecraftian RPG, with all art assets done by me. Here you can see an enemy sprite I created, but I am also trying to change the dialogue boxes. Here I am trying to make it look like a torn page from an old book (It's basic and ugly at the moment)...
  11. Mr. Trivel

    HP MP TP Colors & Names

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: HP MP TP Colors & Names Created: 2016-03-20 Version: 1.1   What does it do? Changes colors and names of HP, MP and TP. Purely graphical.   Screenshot:   How to use? To set colors for actors/classes, use the...
  12. Mr. Trivel

    Color Shifting Enemies

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Color Shifting Enemies Created: 2016-03-11 Version: 1.0   What does it do? This plugin makes so some enemies can color shift during the battles.   Video:   How to use? Just tag enemies with <DiscoDisco> in their note...
  13. whtdragon

    Color cycling effect plugin

    I'm curious to know if it's possible to create color cycling in MV, and have been looking for something like it for awhile without having to resort to animating things manually. Color cycling is a technique used in older games to shift the color palette of a particular sprite or image and...
  14. thanatosdeath

    Diferent MP/TP Colors for Actors/Class

    Hi, as the name says, I need a plugin to change the MP/TP colors accord to the actor/class. For example: make the TP gauge for actor 1 yellow and for the actor 2 red. Optionally, if possible I would also like the skills costs shown match the user's MP/TP color It would be nice if someone...
  15. EonRising

    Is it possible to make part of one generator part match the color of something else in another?

    I know that title is kind of confusing without context so lemme explain! I'm currently in the middle of making assets to create an anthropomorphic snake, and it's coming out really well so far (I've only done the face images, not the movement sprites yet). Anyways, I currently have two...
  16. Geek Burrito

    How do I add a custom window color/background and font?

    Hi everyone! Thanks to your help my game is coming along nicely! Anyway, I was wondering if it was possible to add custom window backgrounds and fonts to my game? I know I can change the window color, but I want to give it a little something extra and kind of make it my own. I'm not really a fan...
  17. Porcelain

    Changing the color of the text outline.

    It looks like the default text outline in RMMV is a darkish gray, but I'd rather have it be closer to black. I can't find where the color is defined in the default scripts, though, and Yanfly's Core Engine or Message Core doesn't let you change it, as far as I know.
  18. How to change the text color in the "show choices" window?

    Hello, I'm attempting to change the color of the text in the show choices window but everything I've tried hasn't worked. My game is very simple and only requires one color for all the text in the game so I've edited to color palette on the windowskin which has worked for all of the text in the...
  19. Torqus

    Modified Display Map Name

    Well, this is what's going on here. I'm making, or was making, a plugin that changed the way the map name window works, you know, the one that appears when you change maps showing you the name of the actual map. So now it changes color and displays an icon. So now using notetags for each map...
  20. Milena

    Change Tileset Color

    Is there a code so I can change the color of my tileset? Like change the hue or saturation, of some sort?

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